Lonesome Leather

It used to be a symbol of something. It used to adorn my body for everyone to see, though few would realize it’s true significance. Leather bound to another. Every morning I sit at look at it laying there, lonesome and neglected on the dressing table. Now it signifies something lost, something that used to be but no […]

Is Monogamy Really the Way?

I live in a world that has become set on morality, one where monogamy is the standard model for relationships. I should have one partner, one soul mate, one and only one. Why is this the normal accepted standard for us North Americans, and when did it become such? Also, why is it still considered the standard when we […]

DD – Choose Joy

Dear Diary, Today is the first day of 2016. It is 6:33pm and I am still in my pyjamas. My hair is unwashed, pulled high in a ponytail. My legs require a shave, and other parts a wax. I’ve eaten waffles, a chicken sandwich, and a hand full of chocolates. There is a pot of […]

Good Morning?

  “Good morning, handsome.” “Good morning.” With few exceptions, this is pretty much how we’ve started each day for the better part of a year. Sometimes it comes a little later in the morning, but our first greetings to each other are always good morning regardless whether it is a 6am or closer to noon on […]

See Sheer

This is my entry for the Sex Blog (of sorts) Lippie competition. My randomly assigned lippie (or lipstick as we call it around here) was See Sheer. My mind immediately went to diaphanous fabrics and bright summery hues. Then it shifted. You can find all the wonderful competition pieces here. Check them out and show some love.   […]

T is for…

Tasks The world of Domination and submission, D/s, comes with an abundance of rules, routines, and tasks (which, for the purpose of this blog, I will refer to as RRTs.) Not everyone in D/s relationships have the same RRTs though, and while some have very few others have days filled with them. It all depends […]

May I Play With Myself?

Mister S and I were texting the other night as he is currently out of town on business. We weren’t discussing anything serious, just talking about my reminder marks and how we missed each other. Then he asked me if he could play with himself. “May I play with myself Ms?” “What’s the rule?” was […]


I recently updated my relationship status on FetLife to “owned.” I’ve only had a status up once before, about this time a year ago actually, but it was short lived. I had met a man, a very nice man, and after a few meetings and some discussion we decided to enter into a D/s relationship. There were […]