Lunch Date ~ Chapter 6

A guest post by Ms Karen Glass. You can find previous chapters on the Lunch Date page.


You slide your boxers down and step out of them. Your cock has been raging to get out of its confines since you saw me walk into the restaurant earlier. I shift on to all fours and lean forward, opening my mouth to receive you. You let out a small moan of pleasure as you revel in the warmth of my mouth. You rest your hand on the back of my head, guiding me gently.

I gradually take more of you into my mouth and you resist the urge to thrust all the way down my throat. It’s a technique I’m still learning and so you don’t want to rush me.

Quite soon I’m sucking in earnest and taking nearly all of your full erection into my mouth. As I slide my mouth to the tip I increase the tightness of my lips around the head, which I caress with my tongue. Your hand twists into my hair as you increase your grip, making me moan around your cock, which creates an unbelievable sensation for you.

I release your cock from my mouth and begin to slowly lick your entire length, completely enjoying every inch of it. When I open my mouth to suck your cock again it’s with a new hunger. That’s the only way to describe how I suck you now, so furiously, almost as if my very life depended on it. 

You place your hand on the back of my head again, this time holding it in place before you thrust your cock. I gag at first, before calming myself and relaxing the muscles in my throat. You now thrust all the way in with ease, the head of your cock hitting the back of my throat as you close your eyes, tilt your head back and begin to face fuck me. You briefly think back to how I confided in you my lack of confidence in my ability to please you. The way I had nervously told you over the phone how worried I was that I wouldn’t be enough for you. How wrong I was.

Your thrusting slows and I can once again revel in the pleasure of sucking your cock. Long, luxuriating strokes now, gently pushing you closer to release. You wonder how much longer you can hold out before filing my mouth with your hot cum. 

You slide your cock from my mouth and I smile as my eyes stay fixed on your cock, my tongue resting at the corner of my mouth, like a hungry animal.

I raise back up onto my knees and you reach out to pinch my nipples, increasing the pressure until I gasp.

“Lay back slut.” You push me gently, just enough to set me off balance and I tumble backwards. I lay on my back looking up at you, my hair fanning across my face and a blush on my cheeks. 

You crawl onto the bed, positioning yourself over me. “Do you want my cock, slut?”

All I can do is nod, seemingly lost for words and I notice your demeanour harden slightly.

“Your Master asked you a question, slut. Now answer me properly.”

“Yes Sir. Yes I want your cock, if it would please you.” 

“Then relax my little slut, and let me take you to heaven…” You nudge at my tight, wet hole with your cock, and look into my eyes as you push into me. I gaze up at you and a low moan slips from my lips as you fill me.

“You like that slut? Feeling your Master’s cock buried in your tight little cunt?”

“Oh, yes Sir … I love being your cock slut …”  I moan breathlessly as the sensation of being filled so full sends amazing pulsing sensations through my body. 

You lean down closer to me, supporting your weight on your hands, and whisper right into my ear, knowing full well how wild it drives me.

“And that’s what you are, isn’t it? My little cock slut? My horny little bitch?”

“Oh god … yesssss … mmmmm … oh please …  please fuck me harder Sir …”

Gentleman that you are, you can hardly refuse me. You gradually increase your pace, thrusting harder and faster, deeper into my cunt. My hands grasp at the sheets and any chance of coherent speech is quickly disappearing as I feel my orgasm build. I know that I must not cum without your permission, so with no alternative I begin the delicious ritual of begging you to allow me to orgasm …

455: Sexual Fantasy

2 thoughts on “Lunch Date ~ Chapter 6

  1. Such a hot scene, where they both get what they want. I love that!
    ~ Marie

  2. Cock worship is really the most divine thing. Worship of such a beautiful organ and power in giving pleasure.

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