Lunch Date ~ Chapter 3

A guest post by Ms Karen Glass. You can find previous chapters on the Lunch Date page.


I enter the hotel room, stomach still uneasy at the thought of consequences to come. I cannot worry about that now though as I must get ready for you. I slip off the dress and hang it up, then a quick look in the mirror to check myself before disappearing into the bathroom. I know you like me to smell fresh so I clean up and add a little body spray, not forgetting my feet this time. Once done I go back to the bedroom to wait for you. I lay on the bed with my arms by my sides. 

It isn’t long before the door opens and you walk in. The small overnight bag you are carrying finds a home on the small writing desk next to the TV. 

“Stand up,” you command without turning around. “You may undress me.”

“Yes Sir,” I reply, before getting off the bed and walking over to you. 

I drop to my knees and begin with your shoes and socks, placing the shoes neatly together with the socks inside. I stand up and slide your jacket off your shoulders, placing it on a hanger in the open closet. I undo your tie then shirt, removing the cufflinks last and placing them in your shirt pocket before these too join your jacket. I unbuckle your belt, sliding it out of the belt loops and placing it on the bed. Then, having undone your dress pants, I slide them down your legs for you to step out of. 

You stop me as I begin to pull at your briefs. I gasp as you suddenly grab me and pull me up by my ponytail. “I don’t think so, not just yet. Do you have something you need to tell me first, my slut?” 

“Sorry Sir,” I whimper, “what should I have told you?”

“What time did you check in?”

“9:15 Sir.”

“And what time did I tell you to check in?”

“No later than 9:00…”

“So you were late. And you thought you could get away with it?”

“No Sir, I didn’t think…”

“No excuses! Pass me my belt.”

You let go of my hair and I go to the bed to retrieve your belt.

“Now hang the rest of the clothes up.”

As I begin to hang your pants I see you unzip your overnight bag and take out some rope.  

“Come here and turn round. Put your hands behind your back.” I comply and you tie my wrists together, tight enough that I gasp as the rope bites into my flesh.

“Kneel down.” 

You undo my hair and as it falls down my shoulders you grab hold of it and force my head back. “So slut, you thought you could get away with disobeying and not telling me?”

You twist my hair round your fist and pull me up so that I am now standing in front of you. You push me forward, my knees pressed against the bed so that I don’t fall. I feel you pulling again and know what you want, me on the bed. Once I am up and kneeling on the bed you push my head down so that my backside is now up in the air.

“Stay like that and take your punishment, my slut. Do not move.”

As you take your belt and fold it in half, you notice that the thong has slipped in between my bare lips which are pink and exposed. 

You raise the belt and bring it down across my ass checks. I scream as the leather makes contact, the noise of both reverberating round the room. 

“If you scream again slut I will be forced to gag you, do you understand?”

“Y …Y … Yes Sir. I understand.”


The belt comes down hard again. Another red stripe immediately forms next to the one left from the first lash. Four more hard strokes, six in total, before you reach forward and rub my crimson ass cheeks. You caress and knead them, your touch soft against my tender beaten skin, hot and flushed with crisscrossing lines of bright red welts. 

You stop and walk round to the side of the bed, sitting down so that you are near my head. You then whisper to me, “Is there anything else my slut deserves punishment for?”

“Yes Sir, there is.”

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2 thoughts on “Lunch Date ~ Chapter 3

  1. Oh I love to be belted! Great punishment.
    This would work so well for this weeks prompt on 4thoughts and Fiction – which is discipline and punishment. Would love u link it up –
    enjoying this series.
    May x

  2. That’s quite a punishment, and I guess more will follow if she confesses what she did 😉
    ~ Marie

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