Lunch Date ~ Chapter 1

Please welcome my brilliant friend Ms Karen Glass with her first guest post. I’ve been trying to get her to agree to let me post something of hers for quite some time and she finally agreed! This is the first of several chapters that will be posted over the next several weeks. Thank you Karen, so very much, for this privilege.


My Slut,
I trust this letter finds you well. A room has been reserved for you at the Harbour Castle, for this coming Friday. You are to take the day off from work and meet me there to serve me as I so desire. You should arrive at the hotel no later than 9:00 am. You are to bring with you your toys and appropriate outfits as you have been instructed in the past.
You will wear your leathers to travel to the hotel with only your favourite underwear underneath. I will know if you disobey me. You will check in and find further instructions in the room.
I look forward to seeing you again my slut.

I reread the letter over and over, a mixture of emotions running through me. It’s true that I enjoy being your slave, submitting to your will, but the defiant streak in me wants to break free, to disobey, but that is only because I enjoy the punishment you give!  My stomach tightens as I succumb to your desires. I know deep down that I will go and obey your every command. I wonder what my Master has planned this time.

I arrive at the hotel 9:15 am, despite taking several risks and exceeding the speed limit I know I am late, and I know that you despise lateness. I also know that my excuse about the traffic will fall on deaf ears. Checking in at reception, the lady behind the desk gives me a card to fill out with my vehicle information. Once completed, she hands me a room key and an envelope. I’ve been checked into room 333. Take the elevator to the third floor, she explains, then left out of the elevator and the room is right there.  I walk towards the elevator, opening the letter as I go.

Welcome Kitten,
I will know what time you have checked in, reception here are very efficient and they will tell me. I hope for your sake you did not arrive after 9:00 am. You know how I detest tardiness.
In your room you will find the clothes you are to wear tonight. Prior to dressing you will prepare yourself fully. 
At 11:45 am you will be in the lobby of the hotel, do not be late. There will be a town car waiting for you.
Until later my slut. 

The reminder about my lateness sends my stomach rolling over knowing I will be disciplined later. I kick myself mentally for not leaving just that little bit earlier. In betrayal of my mind I feel the heat between my legs as my body responds to the thought of Master’s hands smacking my ass.

The elevator doors open and I step out onto the third floor. The room is easy to find, the electronic key easily slips into the lock and the door clicks open. Pushing the door open I step inside. The room is cool and smells fresh, on the bed I see some clothes. 

A simple black sleeveless dress which I think will probably stop just above the knee, along with a box is laying there on the bed. I open the box to discover a red and black lace bra with a matching silk lace thong, and a pair of delicate black thigh highs. I will need to wear my black 4-inch heels for this outfit to please you. Thankfully they were packed in my bag. I look up to discover a smaller box on the night stand. Rushing over, I grab the box and open it to discover two items inside, a black silk collar and a wireless vibrating bullet attached to a note … “I have the remote with me!”

I check my watch to find I still have plenty of time before I have to leave. I strip out of my leathers, and realize that the effect of wearing my leathers, finding my new clothing and the anticipation of the day ahead have made my pussy very wet. Pulling my thong over to one side I gently touch myself, my clit is enlarged and very sensitive. I know that I shouldn’t be playing with myself and that if you find out, you are going to be furious with me, but I can’t help myself.

My fingers are already probing inside my hot cunt. I lay down on the bed, my fingers pumping my pussy, my other hand snakes down across my belly and begins to massage my clit. The feeling is amazing as my orgasm begins to build. My fingers move faster and deeper inside me, I cannot hold back any longer, with a load moan I cum hard, my juices gushing out onto the bed. I lay there for a while, catching my breath as I come down from the orgasm.

Slowly, I get up from the bed and move to the bathroom to run the bath, where I notice the oils and bath foam lined up neatly on the shelf. I know what you like and my using them will please you. I smile as I think of my Masters cock deep inside my ass. I reach for an enema and begin my bathing ritual to clean myself for you.

Wrapped in a large bath towel I walk back into the bedroom and notice the wet patch on the bed. You will undoubtedly notice it too, and I hadn’t had your permission to cum. Damn … what to do now … 

There is no time to worry about it as I am running a little behind and I don’t dare be late again. I quickly slip into the new thong and insert the wireless bullet you left for me. I put on the bra, stockings, and slip the dress over my head as I step into my high heels. I check the mirror to see how I look. My hair, oh my.

In my rush to get ready for you I had all but forgotten about my hair! I quickly run back into the bathroom and brush my hair, pinning it up as I know you like. I put my new silk collar on and notice that with my hair pinned up it stands out for all to see. This time, as I do my final check in the mirror I see that I am put together as I know you expect me to be.   

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2 thoughts on “Lunch Date ~ Chapter 1

  1. I like the build of anticipation here, but also the bit of defiance and breaking the rules. It just gives everything that extra bit of spice 🙂
    ~ Marie

  2. Ohhh – like Marie I’m loving the anticipation. I shall definitely need to know more. You have already earned punishment for lateness & an unsanction orgasm – I’m eager to see how that pans out.

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