My Nightmare Affects My kinky Life

We all have nightmares don’t we? Worries about those horrible things that might happen, that could happen, and even things that are near impossibilities. Dreams of falling off a cliff or drowning in the ocean, even though we live nowhere near either of these places. These nightmares may be based on a real life fear, or they may begin […]


Sometimes it is thick and creamy. Sometimes it erupts like an active volcano, flowing hot lava. Today it is dripping wet, like the rain that falls on the other side of the window

A Bunch of Dicks

I received a lovely bunch of dicks from a friend recently and had some fun editing this picture of them. They are hand carved from different crystal stones. This lot includes two blue tiger eye, a regular tiger eye, carnelian, and Indian bloodstone. The edits really bring out the beauty of the dicks. Don’t you just love […]

Misery Chain

  If I should fall from the top of the world to the depths below so far below what I believe could exist Down further still will be the one who hides the key and dares to try to put this misery chain on me   Click below to see how others interpreted this week’s […]

Lonesome Leather

It used to be a symbol of something. It used to adorn my body for everyone to see, though few would realize it’s true significance. Leather bound to another. Every morning I sit at look at it laying there, lonesome and neglected on the dressing table. Now it signifies something lost, something that used to be but no […]

DD – No Clue

Dear Diary, I fall for men who have no time for me, ones who fit me in here and there as they wish. I even fell for one who lived in another country and wasn’t able to get him to agree to see me once in two fucking years. Not once! That’s a sign right? They […]

Better Than The Last Twelve

I tried to keep track of my orgasms last year. I didn’t start keeping track because I thought I was lacking or because I wanted to reach any specific number. It actually started as a result of a previous partner often commenting about how difficult it was for me to have an orgasm. It was often difficult, if […]