Lunch Date ~ Chapter 7

A guest post by Ms Karen Glass. This is the last chapter of her Lunch Date series, for now. You can find all chapters on the Lunch Date page.


Sir? … Sir please …” You know immediately what I am going to ask and you are looking forward to denying me.

“So soon my precious slut? No, you may not cum yet, slut.” 

You are usually fairly indulgent with me, mainly because you love watching and listening to me cum, but not today. Today you want to keep me teetering on the edge. You slow your fucking pace, enjoying the sight and feeling of me greedily thrusting up to meet your every stroke. Your slow pace soon comes to a complete stop and you delight in seeing my frustration as I continue trying to fuck. You chuckle before withdrawing from me completely. I pout and whine in protest.
“Now now slut. Don’t be greedy,” you scold me gently. “You will get what you deserve. Now, on all fours.”

My eyes light up with delight at being ordered into my favourite position and I assume it in a heartbeat. You kneel behind me, guiding your cock into my very wet, welcoming cunt. I gasp, then moan low in my throat as I feel your entire length slowly slide deep into me. I whimper in frustration again when you pull out just as slowly. You then begin fucking me shallow and fast, while reaching underneath to rub my clit. I scream this time. A raw cry of primal lust.

You begin fucking me deeper, enjoying the feeling of my hot, tight cunt wrapped around you as you drive in and out of me. You take your hand from between my legs and rake your nails down my back, and as you do so, I purr. I actually purr! You take great pleasure in that sound.

“Touch yourself slut. Go on, play with your clit.” As you give the command you stroke the back of my neck gently, making me squeal and thrust back on your cock even harder.

I don’t need telling twice. I begin to rub furiously at my clit, taking in air sharply, every other breath a moan of pleasure. You reach out and take hold of my hair, pulling on it until my head is forced backwards and my back is arched. 

“You love this don’t you slut? Your Master fucking you from behind like this… pulling your hair and making you rub your clit… treating you like this… punishing you. You’re such a little slut aren’t you? MY slut …” Your voice is deep and low, and I moan louder with every sentence. You know how I love to be spoken to this way and you’re more than happy to indulge me. 

My breathing becomes ragged again. You can tell the pressure is reaching the tipping point. I gather my senses enough to speak. “Please Sir, please may I cum?” I manage to cry out as you slam your cock deep into me.

“Hmm, I don’t know slut. I’m sure you can beg more sweetly than that. What do you think? Can you beg for it slut?

The words are hardly out of your mouth before I’m asking again.

“Oh Sir… PLEASE!! Please let your slut cum!  Please Sir, let me cum. I can’t take it any more, please. Please let me cum for you…”

“Cum for me my slut. Cum for me. Let me feel you..” 

I scream loud as my orgasm suddenly overtakes me. You thrust deeply into me, feeling my cunt tightening around your cock as you cum too. I feel the jets of your hot fluid filling me. I’m still begging you, please, please… My senses battered by the pleasure of cumming after being denied for so long then having you orgasm with me is too much.

You gently stroke your hands over me as we come down from the peak. I continue to moan softly, contentedly as you guide me down onto the bed again. You kiss me softly, all the time smoothing my hair and running your hands over my body.

“Mmm, such a good little slut. You have pleased your Master today.”

I smile softly at you as I gently stroke your forearm. “I am happy I have pleased you Sir.”

You kiss my nose and drawback to find me giggling. “Is something amusing slut?”
“No Sir, it’s just that you’re tickling me!”

You chuckle as you turn out the light and pull me close to your side. “I am not finished with you yet my sweet little slut, but first I think we both need a good rest.”

I am content as I snuggle up next to you. Drifting off to sleep my mind begins to wonder what is to come next.

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  1. A great ending to such a hot afternoon date. I enjoyed reading this 😊
    ~ Marie

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