Lunch Date ~ Chapter 5

A guest post by Ms Karen Glass. You can find previous chapters on the Lunch Date page.


I am calm and relaxed now, it’s time to start playing. You gently unhook my bra, slide it down my arms and cast it off to one side. You reach around to idly play with my left nipple, your fingers cold from holding the chilled bottle of water, and it quickly stiffens beneath your touch. You then turn your attention to my other nipple, watching with a smile as it too becomes hard and erect from your ministrations. I moan softly and you notice the slight rise and fall of my hips as I become more aroused.

You get up from the bed to pull the chair from the dressing table. Placing it at the foot of the bed, you sit down facing me.

“It seems I made a good choice with the lingerie. You look absolutely delectable. However, I would like to see you naked now, slut. Take it off for me.”

With an impish grin, I crawl to the foot of the bed where I stand on the floor in front of you. I place a foot on the bed and slowly roll down my thigh high stocking, running my hands smoothly over my thigh. I am enjoying myself with the little show I am putting on for you. All too quickly the stocking is removed. The only thing that stops your disappointment is the fact that you get to see me do it all again when I remove the other. I start to repeat my actions, slightly bolder this time, swaying my hips to the music in my head as I remove the second stocking.

Stockings gone, I stand before you in just the black silk thong. Teasingly, I hook my fingers in the waistband and begin to inch the material down. It is agonizingly slow, yet intensely erotic as my hips sway slightly with each little slip of the fabric. I see the pride on your face, your eyes, as you watch my display. I can be so extremely shy. You have spent much time training me, helping me discover and become confident in my sexuality. 

Finally the last item of clothing, if something that small can really be referred to as such, is discarded onto the floor and I am left completely naked in front of you. You reach out and slide your hand up between my legs. You notice my eyes close as your fingers flutter gently across my outer lips.

“Open your eyes slut and look at me.” I feel the heat of the blush blossoming across my face. I look at you and hold the gaze of your piercing hazel eyes. 

You continue to explore me with your fingers. When you are satisfied I am sufficiently wet you stand up and hold your index finger to my mouth. I suck contentedly until it is clean of my juices. You then put another finger to your own lips to savour the taste of me.

“Back on the bed my slut. I have a task for you.”

I crawl back on to the bed and shift around so that I am kneeling and facing you. My legs are apart, hands behind my back, just as you have taught me.

“I have taken great care and time in training you to discover your own sexuality. I have helped you to learn what feels good for you. Would you agree my slut?” 

“Yes Sir.” I don’t hesitate to reply, and you nod your head as if to reinforce my answer.

“Good. Then your Master wants to see the results of his training. I will sit on this chair while you entertain me slut. You may touch yourself as you like. You may take yourself right to the edge, but you will not cum. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

“You will tell me when you feel you are approaching orgasm and I will decide how we proceed from there.”

“Yes Sir.”

You sit back on the chair. “Begin the show, my sexy little slut.”

I raise myself up higher, still kneeling but no longer sitting on my legs. I run my hands up my torso and cup my breasts. I squeeze them gently, perhaps reservedly at first, but gradually my desire starts to take over and I get rougher, pinching and twisting my nipples. My right hand snakes down my body and my fingers eagerly dip between my legs, probing into my hot, wet cunt. They reappear glistening with my juices and I moan out loud as I run them over my clit, making it slippery and even more sensitive.

I keep my fingers still and begin moving my hips to create the friction I desire. My breathing is shallow and my leg muscles are tensing repeatedly as the waves of pleasure travel through me. You briefly consider reminding me of your orders but decide that I should not need a reminder. You are also confident  that I would not dare disobey again after my earlier punishment.

I move my fingers over my clit again, every now and then pushing them back into my hot dripping cunt. My other hand is still working on my breasts, pulling and pinching hard at my nipples before it too moves down and I push two fingers as deep as I can into my cunt, pumping them in and out while I rub and pull my clit. A red blush is spreading across my chest now, a telltale sign I am close to orgasm. Sure enough, right on cue …

“Sir, if I continue I will cum. Please let me cum!”

“Not yet my little slut. Stop touching yourself.” My hands don’t move at first, and for a moment you think I am about to disobey. “If I have to move your hands myself slut, there will be trouble…”

I quickly pull my hands away and place them behind my back. I become slightly more composed as the intense feelings start to fade some.

“Well done slut. You may very well learn the art of self control yet. What a very nice show you have given.”

I smile proudly and glance at your barely-disguised stiff cock before looking up at you. “I am glad I have pleased you Sir and if you will allow me, I would love to please you further.”

You stand up and take a step towards me. You cup my chin in your hand and gently tilt my head up to look you in the eye. “Really? And how would my little slut like to please her Master?” 

I blush again and you smile. You know how I enjoy having your hard cock in my mouth, sucking and licking as I worship you.  

“I’m waiting for an answer slut. Tell me what you want.”

I blink a few times trying to compose myself and form the sentence in my head. You know how difficult it is for me to verbalize my desire. Finally it comes out, “I want to… to take you in my mouth. I want to suck your cock Sir, if it would please you.”

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  1. I really like the show she has given, and look forward to read how she pleases him, and when he finally allows her an orgasm 🙂
    ~ Marie

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