Sometimes the words of another person can convey things I can’t quite put into words myself. Other times their perspective and reality are completely foreign to mine. The only thing we all have in common is our ability to portray a picture, evoke a feeling, or describe an experience with our art. I am thankful to the following guests who have blessed me with their words or pictures, allowing me to share them with my readers.

If you have a story, a poem, art that you would like to see posted on my site, please send me an email at I can’t promise that every submission will make it (though I’ve not turned down anything yet), but I do promise to give honest feedback on any request that I do not wish to post.

1. September 26/12: A ~ For The Taking

2. November 7/12: A ~ Boy To Man

3. January 20/13: A ~ 30 Minutes In Heaven

4. April 11/13: Mystic ~ A Stranger’s Presence

5. April 14/13: Anonymous ~ One Special Soul

6. May 28/13: The Artist  ~ Beauty of The Pussy

7. July 4/13: Kayla Lords ~ Insatiable

8. August 1/13: Stranded ~ V is for VOYEURISM

9. September 6/13: Malflic ~ Unspoken

10. October 15/13: JustSomeOldMan ~ The Beginning

11. October 27/13: Katie ~ After Hours

12. November 21/13: Lord Raven ~ Everyone Wins

13. December 7/13: JustSomeOldMan ~ The First

14. December 13/13: JustSomeOldMan ~ More About The First

15. January 31/14: Katie ~ In Possession Of

16. October 26/14:

17. October 27/14:

18. October

19. October

20. October

21. October

22. October

23. October

24. October

25. October


2 thoughts on “Guests

  1. please_no_names_here

    Is their an email address?

    I have some fiction I’d like to post, anonymously please.

    • I’ve sent you an email.


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