Do you enjoy silence or not having to be silent?

Silence is deafening. Silence is golden. It can be both, or neither. And what exactly is the sound of silence? One thing I know is true for me, silence is difficult. I love quiet time. Silence. When the noise of the day slows down and becomes nothing more than the faint sounds of wildlife scurrying […]

A Promise of More

Brad was running late so headed straight to Sally’s house after the party. The kids were having so much fun, as was he that he had not realized how late it had gotten. He didn’t have time to go all the way across town to clean up and still make it to her place on time. He […]

Daddy Wants to Play

“I miss your taste.” “I miss you and yours.” “I want to taste your sweetness. I want to feel your orgasm.” “Yes, please…”   He let himself in, as he always does, and was naked before he reached her bedroom door. His silk tie was left hanging on the door handle. His suit jacket draped over […]


  I use lists all the time. I wouldn’t get much accomplished otherwise. My day job is a very busy one. A variety of tasks at way too high volume. If I didn’t write a list of tasks to accomplish each day I could realistically spend my whole day going through emails. I’ve posted different […]