I Want You.

Why is it so hard to say? I want you. Three little words that we shy away from. It’s easy to say I like you, or I hate you. Even I love you seems to be easier to say than I want you. Desire should not be hidden or denied. We should not be ashamed […]

Today’s Rant

I’ve been sitting here for hours trying to write something, anything, that makes sense. There are 20-something pieces in my drafts folder that need finishing, and I have ideas of what I want to do with them, but nothing is working. It’s my mood. I don’t feel great. Not in a tummy ache or flu […]


The waiting is the hardest part… When you are in desperate need of a haircut but can’t get an appointment with your hairdresser until next Tuesday. Your hair seems to grow an inch overnight. It takes all your willpower not to take the scissors to it yourself. When you have to wait for your, em, […]

Dating and Spinach

Dating is so not what it used to be. Understatement, I know. Remember when it was as easy as going to the club and flirting with a cute guy? Those were the days. Half drunk, more often completely wasted, and locking lips in the corner with some guy you’ve known all of twenty minutes. Then […]

Depression Seeps In

I have been thinking about depression the last few days. I know, taboo subject. We all experience depression at some point in our lives. Some mildly so, but others require major medication and medical care. Maybe just for a few days here and there, maybe for a lifetime. I am one of the mildly so […]

Frustrating Mondays

Some people look at Monday as the start of a new week, a fresh start so to speak. Tuesday is my fresh start. I find Monday is often the end for me. It is when I let all my bottled up feelings and frustrations out. Granted, the feelings bit still tends to stay pretty well covered. […]