V is for Voyeurism ~ Stranded

It’s taken a year but I finally have a guest post from Stranded! The first, but hopefully not the last. I asked for his thoughts on voyeurism… Dateline 1979, August…well, August-ish…Calgary, Alberta, Canada The sun was going down relatively early, which puts the time in late August…Calgary may have more sunny days than any other […]

30 Minutes in Heaven ~ A

This is a repost of A’s submission to The Fellatio Project on Stranded In Toronto. It is his telling of a first experience. The original post can be found here: http://strandedintoronto.wordpress.com/2013/01/16/30-minutes-in-heaven/ I don’t think I will ever forget that first time. Truth is, I don’t believe anyone ever forgets their first. I had only known […]

Restraints For A Good Girl

This is what happened after Her Fetish. He was very proud of her. She had greeted him just as he had told her to, wearing one of his white dress shirts and nothing else. This one didn’t fit him now of course, but damn she looked mighty fine in it. She did a wonderful job […]

Her Fetish

This is what happened after Beware Strangers and Gags. She sits on the bottom step dressed in nothing more than one of his white dress shirts, cuffs rolled and the fewest of buttons done. No panties. No bra. Her nipples are hard and free and the heat between her legs is rising. Her cunt, just […]

Night One (B&J Part Deux)

Author’s note: The second part of a collaboration with my friends Eva St. James, who writes here, and Chris McC, who writes here. Thank you both for working on this with me. If you missed the beginning of the story you can catch up with Perceptions. “Are you Ben?” the blonde haired beauty asked, weaving slightly. “I’m […]

Perceptions (B&J Part One)

Author’s note: I had an idea to do a collaborative piece and found two friends to help me in this endeavor. I would like to credit my friends, Eva St. James, and Chris McC for their collaborative effort in writing this series with me. Find her writing here, and his here. Thank you both. “Seriously?” “What?” she asked as […]


Originally posted on Stranded In Toronto and can be found here: http://strandedintoronto.wordpress.com/2012/06/27/casual/ ca·su·al/ˈkaZHo͞oəl/ Adjective: Relaxed and unconcerned. Happening by chance; fortuitous Without definite or serious intention; careless or offhand; passing Irregular; occasional Noun: A person who does something irregularly: “a number of casuals became regular customers”. Synonyms: accidental – incidental – fortuitous – occasional – unforeseen […]

Starting out Casual

“I’m shaking, I’m laying awake thinking about her now I’m terrified” This morning I feel like a parent who has sent their child off to school for the first time. I am anxious and excited, a little scared even. I have my first piece of writing posted online. And leave it to me to not […]