Sometimes it is thick and creamy. Sometimes it erupts like an active volcano, flowing hot lava. Today it is dripping wet, like the rain that falls on the other side of the window

Daddy Wants to Play

“I miss your taste.” “I miss you and yours.” “I want to taste your sweetness. I want to feel your orgasm.” “Yes, please…”   He let himself in, as he always does, and was naked before he reached her bedroom door. His silk tie was left hanging on the door handle. His suit jacket draped over […]

Crystal Pleasures

He allowed me an orgasm this week and I got to choose the toy. I chose something that wasn’t meant to be used that way even though it’s design would suggest otherwise. It is a smoky amethyst crystal wand, and it worked fantastically.

Through the Looking Glass

Sometimes you lean over and find the messy drawer holds more intrigue than the photo you are working on.

Bad Ass

 I mentioned on Twitter in the afternoon that I was having a dilemma about what to post for this week’s Sinful Sunday completion when something just fell in my lap. I am still laughing about the levels of bad ass in this one. My friends were in the market for a new toy. They like PinkCherry so the […]

I Didn’t Tidy Up

So, it’s Saturday. The day my Jehovah Witness friend often comes to visit. Usually I do a tidy up but I slept in lounged too long in bed this morning and didn’t have time. After some Twitter banter and a couple orgasms I noticed the time and quickly got myself showered and dressed for her visit. Upon arriving, she […]