Cooking Food Matters

I come from a long line of bakers. Home bakers, but bakers none the less. There wasn’t always a caked or cookies to be had. That’s how we welcomed people into our homes, by feeding them sweets. And my grandmothers teaching us how to bake is how they showed us love. Cooking was different somehow. […]

Tuna & Egg Melt

When I was a child my mother would make these tuna and egg melts that I loved. She made them because they were cheap and easy, and to use up buns that were going stale apparently. That’s what I found out years later. Stale buns. Not exactly what comes to mind as yummy comfort food. […]

Chocolate Waffles

I’m a big fan of chocolate. When I was younger I couldn’t eat it due to allergies. I was allergic to just about everything. Milk was one of those things, which meant chocolate was out of the question because no child was going to eat something other than creamy milk chocolate. I’ve outgrown the milk allergy but […]

R is for…

Ribs The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So says my Grandmother. She’s a smart woman, as well as a fantastic cook and baker. My grandparents were farmers next to the sea who raised 8 children. Aside from flour and sugar not much was bought at a grocery store. They raised their own livestock, grew […]

L is for…

Lavender This is the first post for my new feature, Tasty Tuesday. Originally I called it Noshes & Nibbles when I set out my goals for the year but the name didn’t feel quite right. I was inspired to start this feature by my love of food, Jolynn Raymond’s Sexy Recipes, and a book I received […]