Sex is a big question mark

What part of your sexuality seems the most mysterious to you, or what part are you still learning about? I’ve always been pretty open and experimental when it comes to my sex life. Probably more so as I’ve gotten older and more comfortable in my own skin, and definitely more since I started blogging. I […]

Senses Come Alive

Cold, hard metal encased in buttery soft leather feels best with it’s sharp points focused on my soft, sensitive, girly bits Pain and pleasure mingle My senses come alive

Larry Does Things, Differently

I’ve talked more than enough here recently regarding my relationship with pain and pleasure, so I thought I would share the third part of the Larry series. Click HERE to catch up. PLEASE NOTE: Yes, this piece is about younger characters. They may have just celebrated prom but they are not minors. Though still technically […]

Larry’s Prom Date

The second part of the Larry series. Click HERE to read the first. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Prom was coming up soon. Those silly girls in his class were getting all crazy with dresses and shoes and trying to snag the best guy to have their picture taken with. They all wanted the captain of the football team. […]

Have You Met Larry?

As he poured the hot wax over her bare chest he was reminded of the first night they met. A random meeting at a party he had not wanted to go to. Now, here they were in a dungeon playing and people, strangers, were watching them do so. Never would he have thought this day […]