Feeling Pretty

I posted this photo to Twitter on Sunday saying simply, “feeling pretty.” And I did. I felt so pretty and confident and capable, and loved. I don’t often feel either of those things. So why did I feel this way now? My friend G had been over. Friend. I guess that is what you would call […]

Reflections on Glass

Sitting in my car, listening to the end of a song on the radio after arriving home from the cottage. This is what I saw as I looked out the window.

Start With A Jar

Let’s start with a jar full of wishes and dreams full of ideas and desires It is full of all the things I want to do with you to experience with you to create with you We will start today at the beginning with a kiss We will explore each other with tenderness with desire […]

I Crafted

I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Seriously. The ‘little sale’ I had asked to be part of was a two-day sale with a long history. The E.C. Drury Craft Sale has been held every November for over 23 years. It’s known as the Giant Annual Craft Sale. Glad I didn’t know […]

Are Breasts Important?

Every woman feels her breasts are an intrinsic part of her being. Yes, every woman, regardless if they tell you otherwise. It doesn’t matter if they are big or small, firm or saggy. They show the world that she is a woman. They are what many men first notice about her. Even transgendered persons get […]


my soul is empty it was sacrificed long ago I never even saw it slip away I was blinded by him he was my love or so I thought I sacrificed my whole being to please him but he was unpleasable I gave up everything mistook that for loving it made my world a mess […]