Do you know everyone on your list?

Somebody posed this question on Twitter a while back and it got me thinking about my list. I had a list. You know, “list.” I used to keep track in a notebook then on spreadsheet until the computer I had it on died. I never bothered trying to redo it or keep one up after […]

What is on your list?

What is it we look for in a partner? We talk about the looks… handsome, nice teeth, big hands, taller than me. We talk about desired qualities and attributes… smart, funny, hardworking, thoughtful. We may have specific desires… a pilot, drives a truck, likes dogs, is Jewish. These are all just items on a list […]

I’m a Nervous Nelly

A lot of things make me nervous. Usually I find that I get excited by something and jump in screaming yes, yes, YES, then the wait between the initial yes and the actual time of it happening I grow more and more nervous by the second. This has happened with promotions at work and with […]

TMIT – Who’s Counting?

TMI Tuesday is here again! A big thank you to blogger for this week’s fun questions. Who’s Counting? 1. Do you/have you ever kept track of the number or people you have been with? I used to have a list on my computer but lost it when that computer crashed and I didn’t have […]