Boob Bling

Yesterday was spent making jewelry with Artist Wife. It’s something we started working on a while back after noticing a lack of nipple attire and clamps at a local bazaar. Unless you’re new to this site you’ll know I’m partial to my nipples. I love having them played with, tortured, and showing them off, so […]

Nipples In Wax

For those of you who are new, I have a bit of a kink regarding my nipples and there are many a pic of them posted here on this blog. Pegs, bands, hot wax, alligator clips, bamboo sticks and the like… LOVE them all! My current fascination is with hot wax. There is something about […]

C is for CLAMPS

I received quite a few questions about the clamps I wore on a recent post so I thought I would elaborate a bit with a little photo essay… This is an assortment of clamps that I have. Mainly various nipple clamps, but the pegs are useful for other things as well. You can clamp your […]

Sunday Prelude

This weekend I have been working on a couple of posts for the week and thought I would share a few pics I took for one of them. As many of you know, I do love showing off my breasts! One side… The other side… The pair!