Do you enjoy silence or not having to be silent?

Silence is deafening. Silence is golden. It can be both, or neither. And what exactly is the sound of silence? One thing I know is true for me, silence is difficult. I love quiet time. Silence. When the noise of the day slows down and becomes nothing more than the faint sounds of wildlife scurrying […]

You Rise

You rise In the darkness of the night The light Too far off to save me You move Closer to me Your hands All over me Your mouth Searching I wake But barely Still floating between sweet dream And reality I want You I need to feel you To taste you Just as you need […]

FFF: Fuck Me

Flash Fiction Prompt – 11/15 – Fuck Me FFF Challenge – You have 100 words to make me cum. You get 25 extra words if you write it on Thursday and do it in one draft, typos and all. GO! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ He wakes to the feel of her mouth around his morning erection, her tongue […]