DD – 19 Years

Dear Diary, It’s odd how things can sneak up on you at times. Things you haven’t thought about in years that suddenly break you all over again. Yesterday was an anniversary of sorts. 19 years ago yesterday the Rock Man proposed to me for a second time. The time I said yes. It is also […]

How do you break up when you aren’t dating?

Breakup Day- February 21: Waiting for the right moment to end the relationship? You certainly can’t find any better day, so go ahead and get rid of that toxic person from your life, by breaking up. How do you do it? How do you break up with someone when you aren’t actually dating? Maybe you said […]

3 Hearts

A woman has three hearts… One she shares with the world One she shares with family And one she shares only with herself 💗 ♥️ ❤️

DD – He’s Married

Dear Diary, I hate that he got married. It isn’t like I thought we would ever get married, but I did think we were heading towards something more serious. More than friends, more than friends with benefits. I thought, I felt, that we would get serious with each other. And you know, I can usually […]

DD – Last Night

Dear Diary, I’ve been playing out scenarios in my mind all week. Playing and replaying. Sometimes worst case, sometimes best. Me begging, him ignoring. Him showing up on my doorstep and telling me he loves me, how he can’t live without me. No matter how many times I do it, how many different ways it […]


There are obstacles. There always are of one type or another. Distance. Family. Circumstance. There is always some reason to say no, to decide that the person you long for is not the person who will be yours. Sometimes it is our own fears and insecurities. Again, things we all have. They may be different […]

What is on your list?

What is it we look for in a partner? We talk about the looks… handsome, nice teeth, big hands, taller than me. We talk about desired qualities and attributes… smart, funny, hardworking, thoughtful. We may have specific desires… a pilot, drives a truck, likes dogs, is Jewish. These are all just items on a list […]

I Can Be a Downright Fool

I give people the benefit of the doubt more often than I should. I don’t know why but I’d rather be too trusting, believe the best of people, than to assume the worst and be shown better later. Naive? Maybe. Better for my spirit? I don’t know. Seems I believe in people I shouldn’t, people […]