Food Matters

When I first saw May’s Life Matters meme I thought it was a wonderful idea. When the first month was Food Matters it seemed it was meant to be for me to participate. I was after all just starting out on my own journey towards fixing my relationship with food. Reading everyone’s stories has been […]

Cooking Food Matters

I come from a long line of bakers. Home bakers, but bakers none the less. There wasn’t always a caked or cookies to be had. That’s how we welcomed people into our homes, by feeding them sweets. And my grandmothers teaching us how to bake is how they showed us love. Cooking was different somehow. […]

Healthy Food Matters

There was a time when I cooked dinner every day. Going out to a restaurant was reserved for special occasions and drive-thru’s were for a morning tea on the way to work or a quick bite while on the road travelling. Somewhere along the way that changed. I could easily say it was my kid […]

Food matters, and so do I

I’ve been thinking a lot about my relationship with food lately and the many issues I have with it. Wondering how something that is meant to nourish and give us life can also be so destructive. Oh, it doesn’t start out that way of course. It starts out being a comfort, like a hug from […]