I Just Want To Be Me

Mr S said something to me the first time we were intimate that I keep going over in my mind. “I just want to be me.” He said it a few times, “I just want to be me. I just want to be me.” When it comes down to it isn’t that what we all want, […]

I Can Give You Flowers

Check out this post if you would like to have a little background context to this one. He was quiet the next two days before trying to initiate another conversation. I didn’t respond. The third day he apologized again. I have not responded. That didn’t stop him from sending me a message on FetLife to tell […]

Foolish Behaviour?

Then he said something about how I should have been more cautious, how my life would have turned out very differently if I hadn’t allowed myself to get pregnant by “THAT” kind of guy, and that he doesn’t date or even talk to women with “fuck buddies”. Now, I had told him the whole story […]


We all do this to some degree. We take a picture or two then hmm and ha about whether to post to our profile or send to someone. That is hard enough, but what about us bloggers? What we post is available for the whole world to see should they be so inclined. The concern […]