All of Me

I pour my heart out on these pages. All of it. All of me. Sure there are fictional posts, but even those contain some piece of truth. It may be hidden and disguised, but it’s there.  Some people would call this my online diary. I wouldn’t call it that. I often write or post pictures […]

Just Smile

Sometimes a smile is all you need. When we are happy we can’t help but smile. Big grins ear to ear. Or maybe a coy smile, the kind we make when thinking about a loved one, the kind we make when we think nobody is watching. There is more to the smile than the the […]

When You Can’t Trust Your Body

You should always trust your body and it’s limitations. Easily said when you are living a vanilla life, but not so when you enter the world of kink and BDSM. It isn’t that easy because we are may be pushing a limit, some boundary that we want to move beyond or that our Dom wants […]

REPOST Protect your breasts

Let’s all join in and show our boobs this Wednesday, September 25th. As anyone who reads my blog or twitter know, I’m a big fan of my boobs. A scare and surgery last November did little to hinder that love of my boobs, but it did change the way I look at them and take […]

My 90 Year Old Grandma

My grandmother is in the hospital. I have been told it isn’t serious but come on now, at ninety years old just about anything can become serious. She apparently mixed up her medications and had some kind of reaction. She is ninety and lives alone. Your first thought is probably how lucky she is still […]

Now It’s Gone

It’s been several months now since I found that lump in my breast. This week I had it removed. And now it’s gone. Initially finding the lump really freaked me out. I’m not gonna lie. My breasts are a big (no pun intended) part of me. They came in early and they came in large. […]

Parenthood (the show) and Me

I was watching television this afternoon and had a moment of realization. Seem to be having a few of those recently. Parenthood was on. I watched two episodes. In the first, Kristina Braverman went for a breast examination and they found she had a lump. It turned out to be breast cancer. She was all by herself […]