DD – Anxious

Dear Diary, I’m going to have sex tonight. I hope. If I can get out of my own way and get over these nerves. Why am I so anxious? It’s been a minute sure, but it’s not like he is someone new. He’s been my partner for the past four years. We are good and […]

Crying is Okay

I hate crying and feeling vulnerable. Both make me anxious and insecure. Unfortunately both are also a part of life, sometimes daily life. Both are also things we just have to allow on occasion. Crying is often considered a sign of weakness and paint the crier as being emotional or emotionally unstable. Well, crying for reasons […]

Food Matters

When I first saw May’s Life Matters meme I thought it was a wonderful idea. When the first month was Food Matters it seemed it was meant to be for me to participate. I was after all just starting out on my own journey towards fixing my relationship with food. Reading everyone’s stories has been […]

We’ve All Been Broken

We’ve all been broken at one time or other in our lives. We break when our friends or relatives die. We break when relationships end, when love is lost. Sometimes we crack, little cracks over time that lead to breaking for what seems like no apparent reason. The key is what we do after the  break, how […]

I is for…

Indifference There was a post all ready to go yesterday afternoon but the app on my phone decided it had other plans for it. It will never be quite the same but let’s see if I can get my thoughts across. Two different takes on the same words… I always thought the worst someone could feel […]

H is for…

Homeopathy & Holistic Therapies   Most of you may not be aware of this, but I studied natural health & holistic therapies at college. Well, during one of my stints at college. The first was to study finance & accounting, the second was writing & copy editing. There was a very brief photography stint, then […]

F is for…

Forgiveness I could have gone the expected route and done a fellatio post today but thought I’d do something different. This month is about the challenge after all. If you’d like to check out some fellatio posts there are many to choose from. You could read here and here, or view some pics here, here, and here. I […]