A Bunch of Dicks

I received a¬†lovely bunch of dicks from a friend recently and had some fun editing this picture of them. They are hand carved from different crystal stones. This lot includes two blue tiger eye, a regular tiger eye, carnelian, and Indian bloodstone. The edits really bring¬†out the beauty of the dicks. Don’t you just love […]

A Typo and A Toy

I received a beautiful silver bracelet for Christmas with some lovely engraved beads. I received two bracelets actually, one from my son and one from a friend. The friend’s, of course, was intended for my more kinky side. This bead is supposed to say Stella Kiink on it. The Stella part looks great… …however the […]

Do You Name Your Sex Toys?

A reader poll on The Passionate Couple I saw earlier today asked that very question. I have the “magic metal toy”, but none that have actual names. Then I realized that there was a time when I did have a named sex toy, not that I had been the one who named it mind you. […]