Crying is Okay

I hate crying and feeling vulnerable. Both make me anxious and insecure. Unfortunately both are also a part of life, sometimes daily life. Both are also things we just have to allow on occasion. Crying is often considered a sign of weakness and paint the crier as being emotional or emotionally unstable. Well, crying for reasons […]

My Nightmare Affects My kinky Life

We all have nightmares don’t we? Worries about those horrible things that might happen, that could happen, and even things that are near impossibilities. Dreams of falling off a cliff or drowning in the ocean, even though we live nowhere near either of these places. These nightmares may be based on a real life fear, or they may begin […]

AtoZ 2016: Quit to Zonked

Qualified, quarrelsome, queasy, querulous, questioning, quiet, quirky, quivery, quizzical   That’s it, it’s time to concede defeat and throw in the towel. I QUIT! I was ill prepared then had some technical difficulties and the A to Z Challenge kicked my ass. I started off strong (as in getting the posts written and up, not necessarily strong in the […]

AtoZ 2016: Pain

PAIN, pained, painstaking, panicked, parsimonious, passionate, patient, peaceful, peculiar, perplexed, persecuted, perturbed, preserving, persistent, pessimistic, petrified, pitiful, pleasant, pleased, poised, polished, practical, praising, precarious, precise, prejudiced, preoccupied, pressured, pretty, prim, prissy, progressive, proper, proud, prudish, puzzled   Last year I posted P is for… (Pinched & Pulled) for the A to Z Challenge. Not explicitly about […]

AtoZ 2016: Overwhelmed

Obliging, obnoxious, obsessed, open, optimistic, opinionated, opposed, original, outgoing, organized, outspoken, OVERWHELMED, outraged, owned   I don’t often feel overwhelmed but there are days when simply getting out of bed seems too much. Before I had my son I would spend whole weekends in bed with the covers pulled up keeping the world out, drifting between […]

AtoZ 2016: Needy

Nagging, natural, naughty, NEEDY, nervous, nice, noisy, normal, nostalgic, numb, nutty   I hate feeling needy. It makes me feel like an incompetent child who can’t take care of herself. I’ve prided myself on being self sufficient, being able to take care of myself without needing anyone’s help. I’d always looked at neediness as a […]

AtoZ 2016: Me, Myself

Mad, malevolent, manipulated, manipulative, mannerly,  marvelous, masculine, maternal, mature, maudlin, mean, meek,  melancholy, mellow, melodramatic, mild, mischievous, miserable, mistrustful, misunderstood, moderated, modest, moody, mortified, moved, mystical, mystified,   Some days I just don’t feel like myself. I am, of course, always myself but there are days I just feel different. Having a pen name does […]

AtoZ 2016: Leery

 Labile, laid back, lackluster, lascivious, lazy, lecherous, left-out, leisurely, LEERY, lethargic, licentious, light-hearted, likable, listless, lively, livid, logical, lonely, longing, loopy, lost, lousy, lovable, loving, low, loyal, lucky   I was going to hate on the word lascivious today but couldn’t find the statistics to back up what I thought was way too much usage of […]