I Am NOT Your Sub

I’ve been reading some posts by Vile recently and was inspired to write one of my own. The posts I found particularly inspiring this week, and ones every sub or slave or those who inspire to be should read, were Warning Signs Of A Fake Dominant and Let Me Tell You Ladies Something. I started writing my post […]

Fellatio vs ?

Do you perform fellatio, give blow jobs, or do you get face-fucked? Maybe you do something else. Some people think that having a mans cock in your mouth is giving a blow job and that a blow job is a blow job is a blow job. So very wrong they are. There are as many […]

Give or Take?

Have been thinking about this week’s prompt much of the day. Opinion. I can be quite opinionated on any matter of things, so I could tell you my opinion on something. I also like to hear other points of view, so I could ask for yours. I will do both. My topic involves the D/s […]

Bad Things

Sitting here, alone, thinking bad things. Thinking really bad things… Thinking of your hand around my neck, pulling my hair, slapping me, pinching me. Thinking of your mouth kissing me, licking me, biting me. Thinking of your words, berating me, humiliating me. Thinking of your cock, gagging me, fucking me, sodomizing me. Thinking of the […]

After The Storm

This is a continuation of the Life With Victor (LWV) series. You can catch up here if you have not been following along. ———————————————————————— I love you baby. Everything is going to be ok. I am here, I have you, I won’t ever let you go. It’s ok baby. Let it out, let it go. […]

FFF – Anticipation

Flash Fiction Prompt – June 21 Peek/Peak This is my first attempt at Flash Fiction Friday. Since I am quickly writing this on my phone I hope I manage to follow all the rules. It is a continuation of my last Wicked Wednesday post, Perfect Spring Day. So, here we go…. Keywords: Peek/Peak (must use […]

Perfect Spring Day

The rain through the night had caused me to sleep like a baby. Peaceful and content. I was glad to see it had eased off in the early morning though. Victor and I had planned on going for a hike around the escarpment and it wouldn’t be as fun if it were wet and rainy. […]

Boy to Man ~ A

My mind, as A would say, is wrinkled. It’s been that way for the past few days so writing is just not happening. I didn’t even get to posting last week. This morning I had surgery to remove a large tumor from one of my breasts, so today my mind is much more than just a […]