DD – New Hair

Dear Diary, I don’t know. I may¬†regret this later and have to find some poor hairdresser to fix it, but I needed a change and my regular hairdresser¬†is on sabbatical. It was either cut it or dye it, and I only have blue hair dye on hand. Maybe I’ll give that a try another day.

I Crafted

I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Seriously. The ‘little sale’ I had asked to be part of was a two-day sale with a long history. The E.C. Drury Craft Sale has been held every November for over 23 years. It’s known as the Giant Annual Craft Sale. Glad I didn’t know […]

I Am A Crafter

There. I said it. I like to make all kinds of things. Some things turn out great, some not so much, and some I start but never finish. That’s me, so many ideas and so little time. This year I decided to join a friend and her Mother selling wares at a weekend craft sale. […]