DD – Romance

Dear Diary, I miss romance. I do. No matter how often I say I’m happy without it, I’m not. Romance makes my heart happy. The small thoughtful things a lover does just to let you know he cares. They go a long way. They are what I find romantic. Flowers because he knows I like […]

DD – Paving Roads

Dear Diary, I’ve been thinking about The Paver lately and wondering what that means. I know it has nothing to do with him personally, but maybe processing my thoughts on his concept of paving roads. Right, he paves roads. Roads he says he never intends to use.  I caught him chatting with other girls on […]

DD – He’s Married

Dear Diary, I hate that he got married. It isn’t like I thought we would ever get married, but I did think we were heading towards something more serious. More than friends, more than friends with benefits. I thought, I felt, that we would get serious with each other. And you know, I can usually […]