Smut Marathon, Past and Present

This is my third year participating in the Smut Marathon. In 2018 I withdrew in round 5, last year I was eliminated after round 2. My goal every year has been to learn. To learn from the assignments, the writing, and the feedback. Where I end up placing is really only relevant to being able […]


Do y’all remember when I entered Oleander Plume’s Prompted competition? Well, now there is going to be a book, an anthology of all 26 stories, and I’m in it!. Exciting isn’t it? Yay!!! I know, I’m just a wee bit late on getting this posted. Someone can spank me for that later. 😉 My story, A Promise […]

See Sheer

This is my entry for the Sex Blog (of sorts) Lippie competition. My randomly assigned lippie (or lipstick as we call it around here) was See Sheer. My mind immediately went to diaphanous fabrics and bright summery hues. Then it shifted. You can find all the wonderful competition pieces here. Check them out and show some love.   […]

Stolen Dance

“Come on, just give me a chance.” “You know I can’t do that, Lara.” “Once chance, Bobby, that’s all I’m asking for. Just one chance.” “Dan would have my head.” “Dan’s not here now is he? If I suck he’ll never know. If I don’t…” “If you don’t then what? You know he’ll never let […]

Bad Ass

 I mentioned on Twitter in the afternoon that I was having a dilemma about what to post for this week’s Sinful Sunday completion when something just fell in my lap. I am still laughing about the levels of bad ass in this one. My friends were in the market for a new toy. They like PinkCherry so the […]


They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Seems I am channeling the Sinful Sunday pose with my accessories this evening. (I was actually going to use the word Accessorize, but when I added the Sinful Sunday button Imitate just seemed to fit)