Blue Haze

Beneath the deep blue haze Pain brings me back to life …   You can see all of this week’s Sinful photos by clicking the link below.  

Boob Porn

“If you had to start a porn site, to what would it be devoted?” You know, this is something I’ve thought about before. Many years ago I considered starting a site devoted solely to showing off boobs. Women’s boobs. Big, soft round boobs. Small firm boobs. Young perky boobs. Older sagging boobs. Flat, sporty boobs […]


I’ve posted several pictures taken by the light of my bedside lamp. In the Darkness and I Want to See Them  come to mind. The lamp is a Himalayan salt lamp and it casts a really lovely glow. You can catch a little glimpse of it in the first picture below. I could have used […]


I clench my teeth to bear the pain, yet the more I resist the more there is. Not just pain though, there is also pleasure amongst the pain.  

Y is for…

Yanking my Yammy I started to write a delicious post about taste but my phone app decided to lose it. As it seems to do far too often lately. I needed to get my Y post in today so I did a little research online and found something that suited perfectly.  Yanking, to yank, is […]