E is for…

Eyes   I’ve started numerous posts for today but each seemed to be too much. To much thought, too many words,¬†too much effort after a long and emotional weekend. So I decided to show off one of my favourite features, my eyes.  


We all do this to some degree. We take a picture or two then hmm and ha about whether to post to our profile or send to someone. That is hard enough, but what about us bloggers? What we post is available for the whole world to see should they be so inclined. The concern […]

My Arse… Again

I thought I’d share some more of my arse today. I know, you may want to just look away now. Several months ago I went to a party where I was the lucky recipient of a good flogging. I posted about it here previously. I enjoyed the experience and would do it again (many, many […]

Trained Myself Well

This week’s prompt for Wicked Wednesday is training. It was meant to relate to sex but there is more I’d like to say on the topic. There are many kinds of training we go through during our lives, right from the day we are born. Our parents train us to eat and sleep at certain […]

REPOST Protect your breasts

Let’s all join in and show our boobs this Wednesday, September 25th. As anyone who reads my blog or twitter know, I’m a big fan of my boobs. A scare and surgery last November did little to hinder that love of my boobs, but it did change the way I look at them and take […]