My Beautiful Body

It’s no secret that I’m not that fond of my body, at least I don’t think it is. I think all bodies are beautiful but often have a hard time seeing the beauty of my own. I see my scars, my failures, my insecurities, but not my beauty. Scars from surgeries and accidents. My failure […]

A Teasing Peek

One of the good things about working from home is being able to go braless, which allows plenty of teasing peeks. It’s a fun way to build up anticipation throughout the day.

Sun Day Boob Day

Even though every Friday is Boobday, I am celebrating mine today. I’ve not been up to taking pictures or blogging much recently, but this morning felt like a fresh new start kind of day so here we are. After all, any day is a good day to celebrate our bodies.

I See the Beauty

I seldom feel great about my body. It has it’s scars and aches that never seem to subside. There are times though, like today, when I see the beauty of it. One quick snap before getting dressed and in that moment I loved what I saw. Of course I still see scars and rolls, but […]

Boobday ~ Good Friday

I was tasked with taking some full length nudes for a project I will be participating in later this year. Yikes!! Talk about being out of your comfort zone. Although the project requires me to be photographed nude, it will be done by a professional photographer, with professional equipment, and a professional eye. I am […]

Self portrait

I am forever taking pictures of myself. It has helped tremendously, along with Sinful Sunday, with me not only accepting my body but liking it just the way it is. I still hide a lot of things but do try to show my authentic self. I wasn’t keen on my expression here, but I like the way it […]