Goodbye Stella, We’ve Had A Good Run

Stella Kiink has been a part of my life for the the last ten years. She isn’t me, yet she is at times the very essence of me. When I was still a fresh young doe getting my feet wet and findings my footing in the sex blogging and erotica arena, Stella Kiink helped give […]

January Jumpstart

Taking part in January Jumpstart has really been helping me get back on track this year with writing and posting to my blog. I may not have posted every day in January, but I have posted more than I did during the entirety of last year. Lunch Date is a guest series by my friend […]


Through the years I have been given many labels. Some of which have been me, yet not me at the same time , some that have evolved over the years, and some that were way off base. The label you give me depends on the side of me you see, the context in which you […]

Glad it’s Over

Not often do I wish time to go faster but this past year I wished it a lot. 2020 seemed far too long, and far too difficult at times. That one extra leap year day felt more like an extra hundred days. The year started off pretty well. I got healthier than I had been […]

Happy Blogiversary!

One year! Stella Kiink is one year old today! I know this may seem paltry to some of you who have been blogging for years, but for me it’s a big deal. I wasn’t sure I could make it a month let alone a year, and now I am already planning things for the coming […]

TMI – #4

BLOGLAND & YOU 1. Do you write/manage another blog? Not currently. I used to have two blogs but shut the other down late last year to focus solely on this one. Even with both of the blogs, I still have months to go before I’ve been blogging a year. 2. Pick 3 random blogs from your […]

Minor Issues

I am having some minor issues due to the recent transfer of files from my old blog to this one. There are posts with pictures that are not showing, as well as links that are not linking to where they should. These are the only issues I have found so far, but there may be […]