DD – Romance

Dear Diary,

I miss romance. I do. No matter how often I say I’m happy without it, I’m not. Romance makes my heart happy. The small thoughtful things a lover does just to let you know he cares. They go a long way. They are what I find romantic.

Flowers because he knows I like them rather than because he’s trying to gain points or has fucked up somehow. Him in the kitchen making dinner because he knows I’ve had a rough day. Cleaning the snow off my car in the morning and warming it up for me. Dancing around the living room enjoying the closeness of each other. Stopping by the office to bring me a cup of tea because he was thinking about me.

These are all things I find romantic. There are more of course, but the list is not definitive, the gestures are not finite. They aren’t the same for every partner either, nor should they be. We all have our ways of expressing ourselves and showing our love.

I have had the big grand gestures but no matter how nice a spur of the moment trip or a new car are, it’s the little things that mean the most. It’s in those little everyday things that you see how much your partner cares. One grand gesture every few years just doesn’t cut it because I know that it is meant to appease me and make up for not bothering with the little things. You do the big thing simply because it is big and overt, because how can I be upset by it when everyone else who sees it or hears of it are in aw of your grand romantic gesture.

The big gestures are for show, you can keep them. The little ones are the romantic ones just for me.

3 thoughts on “DD – Romance

  1. The little things mean so much!

  2. Those little things are the things that keep my heart engaged. They are necessary for connection, I think. It’s interesting, because not everyone sees it that way. My husband needs sex to feel that connection. I do not. I guess we are all different…but I’m with you on this one.

  3. I so agree that it’s the little things that means so much more than the bigger ones.
    ~ Marie

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