Lunch Date ~ Chapter 4

A guest post by Ms Karen Glass. You can find previous chapters on the Lunch Date page.


“I brought myself to an orgasm earlier Sir, without your permission. I am sorry.”

“And why did you do that slut?”

“I am truly sorry Sir. I was just so horny at the thought of spending the day with you, I felt like I’d explode if I didn’t.”

“I see. And did you not stop to think how your blatant disobedience would make your Master feel?”

“I was driven by my lust for you Sir … I … I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t help myself. I’m so sorry Sir.” I do sound sorry to you, but you wonder if I am sorry I did it or just sorry I got caught. 

I had been very scared about my punishment but have done myself a favour by confessing. You most certainly had noticed the stained patch on the duvet and had given me the opportunity to confess. In doing so, hopefully the coming punishment will be less harsh.

You get up from the bed and come round behind me. Taking a firm grip of my shoulders you pull my body gently upwards until I am kneeling upright again. Still behind me, you smooth my hair. As your hands move down my neck you feel how tense I am thinking of what may be coming next. 

“Well, you are a good slut for admitting your transgression but it cannot go unpunished can it, my sweet little slut?”

“No Sir.” I shake my head.

“Hmm, let me think. How can I teach my little slut a lesson she obviously needs to learn?” 

You cross the room and begin to sift through your bag, searching for something. Seeing you pull out a black leather paddle I tense up even more. It’s only about four inches square but I know from past experience that it delivers a wicked sting when used correctly, particularly on sensitive parts of my body.  

“Just right for teaching my little slut to think very carefully before touching herself without permission again,” you exclaim, smacking it against your left hand as you come back to stand behind me again.  

Slowly, you reach around in front of me with the paddle, stroking it down my chest between my breasts. You drag it around my stomach in a circle, watching my muscles tighten, as I am expecting you to strike. You pull the paddle up now along the same route, watching my breasts rise and fall as my breathing becomes shallower waiting for that first smack. You are pleased to see my fear and proceed to place the paddle next to me on the bed before gently pulling at the bonds on my wrists and letting them fall away.

“Turn around and lay back on the bed slut. Knees up and legs apart, and put your hands behind your head.” 

I do as I’m told, shifting quickly into the desired position like a good little slut.  Standing at the foot of the bed you savour the sight of me laying there, spread out and on display before you. My pussy lips are pink and glistening, betraying me with their wetness. You know how the sound of your voice, the sternness when giving orders, excites me and at times cause me to become dripping wet. You are distracted for a moment, but with a small shake of your head you quickly refocus. There will be plenty of time to play with me once my punishment has been administered.

“Now then slut, if you insist on letting your hands stray to areas that you know must not be touched without my permission, then I think the best course of action is to give you a punishment that you will think of whenever you find those hands wandering. Do you agree?”

“As you wish Sir. You know what is best for me, your slut, Sir.” I swallow nervously. 

You pick up the paddle and strike the inside of my left thigh without further warning. I gasp as a bright pink mark immediately begins to appear.

“Only five more for this leg my slut, then the other thigh gets the same treatment. If you move out of position or cry out, the stroke will not count. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir,” my voice but a whisper. You know how much I fear thigh spanking and how difficult this is going to be for me. That is what makes it a good punishment as well as a good test of my obedience.


The second strike sounds incredibly loud in the confines of the room. Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately for me) you have good aim and land the stroke a little further along my thigh towards my knee, slightly overlapping the first. You lay on the next two in quick succession, again overlapping them slightly. My whole body jumps as the paddle lands but my hands are fisted in the sheets and stay put, as does the position of my legs. I bite my lip so as not to make a sound, but am unable to stop the tears running down my cheeks.

You raise the paddle over my reddened flesh again to see me wince and grit my teeth in anticipation. You tap the leather gently on my skin this time. I sigh and let out a breath of relief before you suddenly strike again with the final lash landing directly across my already tender left thigh. I should have known it wouldn’t end so easily.

You repeat the procedure with my other leg, but this time start closer to my knee and work you way up my thigh. You also take a moment between each strike to watch my thighs tremble as I struggle not to move, and to listen to my loud breathing as I try not to cry out. I have focussed myself on lasting through the punishment and tears aside, my concentration has worked.

“Well done my sweet little slut. You have pleased me, now stay there just a moment longer.” You reach out to gently brush a few strands of hair away from my eyes and wipe the tears from my cheeks. “Don’t worry my slut, your punishment is over and you are forgiven,” you assure me as you notice the expression on my face.

You go over to the mini fridge to get a bottle of water and grab a glass on your way back to the bed. You roll the ice cold bottle over my burning thighs.
“Does that feel good slut?”

“Oh yes, thank you Sir.” I sigh happily and wriggle a little, but don’t move out of the position. The coolness of the water bottle feels so good against my thighs.

“Sit up,” you tell me as you climb onto the bed behind me. You open the bottle of water and half fill the glass before putting to my lips and instructing me to drink. We have a long night ahead of us, and you don’t want me becoming weak and dehydrated. You want to be able to enjoy your slut to the fullest.

With your help, I slowly sip the water until the glass is empty. I lick my lips and thank you, for the punishment and the water.

#452: Teenage Years
166: Discipline & Punishment

4 thoughts on “Lunch Date ~ Chapter 4

  1. A fitting punishment, but I can only imagine how painful it must be on the tender flesh of the thighs.
    ~ Marie

  2. Ohhh – like this!
    May x

  3. Oh wow, I know how much it hurts being spanked on the inside of your thighs. It’s a hundred times more intense than on your ass. Well done that she didn’t cry out, I couldn’t have done it 😉

    Thanks for the story

  4. Love a thigh spanking scene – leaves such lovely, clear marks!

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