Lunch Date ~ Chapter 2

A guest post by Ms Karen Glass. You can find previous chapter on the Lunch Date page.


As I walk into the reception area heads turn to look at me. I sit down near the front doors and wait, as per your instructions. The town car drives up outside and I eagerly walk outside to meet him. The driver opens the car door and helps me into the backseat.  

“Where are we going?” I ask the driver.

“He said you’d ask, but he told me not to tell you. Said you like surprises. He told me to have you there at 12:15 on the dot and to call him if there were any problems.” 

The town car soon slows down outside a restaurant. “Here you go Miss. Enjoy your lunch.”

I smile my thanks as I step out of the town car. 

The bullet suddenly buzzes to life, causing delicious sensations to run through my pussy. With great difficulty, I turn and as steadily as I possibly can walk into the restaurant.

“Good afternoon madam” purrs the hostess. “Do you have a reservation?”

“Err no” I reply, “I’m meeting someone”

“I’ll take it from here Melissa” a man’s voice comes from behind me. “Your table is this way madam.” He walks past me and I follow him into the restaurant. As I approach the table you smile and stand to greet me.

The maître d’ pulls my chair out and I sit down. “Thank you” I smile at him and as he leaves your eyes raise to mine. 

“Good afternoon Sir. Do I meet with your approval?”

“Good afternoon slave. You look perfect, the dress fits you well.” 

You reach into your pocket and put a small remote on the table. “This controls the bullet you are wearing. I will use it randomly throughout the day. However you will not cum until I say you can, do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.” I reply, wondering whether it would be better to tell you now that I have already cum earlier or let you find out on your own when you see the wet patch on the bedspread. Maybe it will be dry by the time we return to the hotel. 

“I have taken the liberty of ordering your meal for you. I trust you do not mind?”

“No Sir, that is fine. I know that I will enjoy anything you decide for me,” I reply with a coy smile.

I watch as you reach for the small remote and press the button, causing the bullet inside me to buzz to life. My mouth opens slightly as the feelings intensify. I grip the arms of the chair as my breathing becomes shallower. My eyes close slightly as I feel the wetness grow in my cunt.

The waiter is approaching with our first course when the vibrations stop. I lick my lips and adjust myself in the chair. The waiter places your plate in front of you then looks at me as he places the second plate in front of me. I smile unarmed him as he leaves the table.

“Mmm, maybe I should invite him back to the hotel later so he can find out what my slut is really like. What do you think slut?”  

“No!” I jump back at you.

“No what?” You snap back at me.

“No Sir, please don’t. I am your slut for you to do with as you so please and desire, but please don’t give me to another man!”

“But you are flirting with him slut, and he seems to like you, I can clearly see that. I will think about it …”

“Please Sir, don’t,”

“Kitten,” you begin softly. “As you have just pointed out, you are my slut and I will do what I want. Now eat your lunch.” 



“May I please be excused to go to the washroom?”

“No Kitten, you may not”

“But Sir, I need to go”

“Are you arguing with me young lady?” You ask as you turn the bullet back on sending more vibrations coursing through my cunt. The feeling of my full bladder coupled with the vibrating bullet is causing unbelievable sensations, pain and pleasure, within me. 

“No Sir.” I gasp. 


“When the vibrations stop, then you may go to the washroom.”

“Yes S .. Sir.” 

You watch me closely to ensure that I neither cum nor wet myself. For a minute or so neither of us speak. Finally you switch the bullet off and say, “You may now go to the washroom now my little slut, but no playing with yourself in there.”

“Thank you Sir. May I please be excused?” 

“Yes,” you reply standing up to pull my chair out and assist me up.

You watch as I walk towards the ladies room and just as I reach the door, you turn the bullet back on. A smile crosses your lips as you watch my steps falter. As I return to the table, you again rise to greet me and assist me with my chair. 

The waiter returns to clear the plates from our first course and pour more wine, asking if we are ready for our main course. 

“We are, thank you.” I detect a certain sternness in your voice. 

He steps away and reappears carrying our meals, his eyes fixed on me. It is clear he sees something he wants, but I do not acknowledge or encourage him this time for fear you might carry out your threat.

We concentrate on our meals, passing the occasional comment to each other. The bullet has been set to low and continues to pulse lightly, not enough to cause intense sensations but enough to keep me in a constant state of arousal.  When the main is course over, you signal for the bill and suggest that I might like to visit the ladies room again before we leave.

Outside the restaurant you call for the car and after speaking to the driver briefly you open the door and help me inside. As the car pulls away you slide your hand up my leg and touch me through the thin silk of my thong, feeling how wet I am. You put your wet fingers to my lips and I obediently take them in my mouth. 

When the car makes its final stop in front of our hotel you get out and offer your hand to assist me. We enter the hotel together, then you instruct me to go to our room to prepare before you turn and walk over to the reception desk. As the elevator doors begin to close I see you talking to the young lady who checked me in earlier.  My stomach starts to turn as I remember being late for check in. 

#450: Impulsive

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  1. I wonder if that patch on the bed had time to dry, otherwise she’s in double trouble 😉
    ~ Marie

  2. Oh boy! She’s about to get it!
    Love a good orgasm control story. Thank you to Ms. Karen Glass for sharing (and to Stella for hosting:)

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