Looking Forward 2021

Here I am writing a post I didn’t think I would this year. Not because I don’t like planning, because I very much do, but because the last several years did not pan out in any way like I had planned at the beginning of the year and frankly, I was tired of failing. I know they were my own expectations, but once you put them out into the world for others to see it feels even worse not to succeed at them.

1st card 2021

I had no plan in place for the beginning of this year. After the shit show of 2020 and finishing it off being sick with Covid-19, it wasn’t even on my radar. But after finding myself up all night long unable to sleep I started catching up with my Twitter friends and fellow bloggers and thought I’d give it a go. I needed something to do besides watching YouTube and Instagram videos all night. One of my issues with writing/blogging was not finding the time. Well, there is plenty of time when you are up all night and everything else is sleeping.

I decided to try Violet’s January Jumpstart, without mentioning it to anyone. No pressure, post when I could, don’t stress out when I can’t. That sounded good to me. I still don’t really have much of a plan but sometimes it works out better that way. So far I’m four for four (now five for five!).

There is one thing I do have planned though. I have a new guest who’s Lunch Date story I will be posting over the next several weeks for Wicked Wednesday. She is a long time personal friend of mine who isn’t on social media. Maybe we can get her to give it a try now with this story of hers being posted. Maybe, but I doubt it.

2nd card 2021

One thing I have decided to do this year is focus on me and what I want. To make myself a priority and not feel bad when my decisions aren’t what others want or expect. I think my first two card of the year support this journey for me.

~ I don’t have to like the actions of others in order to love my journey. ~

~ Only I have to feel good about my choices. ~

They were good cards. I am sure there will be many more that resonate with me throughout the year as well. All I need to do is be quiet and listen.

Even though I don’t have any big plans, I do have a fancy new planner arriving tomorrow. It has pages for me to write my goals and sections to track habits I want to start, or continue. There are some colouring pages too for when I just need to take some time to quiet and centre myself. It is a pretty little book full of unwritten possibilities for the year ahead.

#449: Looking Forward

4 thoughts on “Looking Forward 2021

  1. New planners are the best, and doing things for yourself, and not being hard on yourself, is always a good thing. Like the quote says: only you have to feel good about your choices. I’m excited to read your friend’s story!
    I said it before but will say it again: it’s good to see you back, Stella!
    ~ Marie xox

    • As odd as it may sound, it feels good to have control over something and it helps keep me calm. Being sick with this fucking virus in a new hell every day and I feel I’ve lost control of so much.

  2. I agree with your no plans plan! Be free, be organic, no pressure but celebrate each time you achieve something (like posting). I am one who believes if I “put it out there” I wont feel I can back out, so I only “put it out there” if I really want to motivate myself, because my guilt will be horrible – I do this only when my own procrastination is driving me crazy.

    Be kind to yourself. I am sorry you have caught the virus and I heartily wish you better very soon.

    Wheeee! love new stationery and this planner sounds gorgeous. I love scrapbooks and journals and can only dream of populating one with interesting musings and cute mementos – and colouring, yes very calming.

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