Keep On Believing

There’s a saying, the only constant is change. Things are always changing and evolving. Not always for the better, or as we would like, but how or when they change isn’t always within our control.

G and I have been doing our thing for more than 3 years now and have known each other for about 11. We know each other pretty well. He knows what I like and expect of him, just as I know what he likes and expects of me.

He knows to always bring me tea, and how I like it. He knows how I like to be touched and tortured. He won’t always give me what I want or like, but he does always give me what I need. He knows how to talk dirty to me in just the right way. He knows how to turn me on so that I hump his leg like a bitch in heat. He knows when to push just a little bit more and when I’ve had enough.

I know when I can push his buttons and when I need to steer clear or just be quiet and supportive. I know his kinks, what pushes him over the edge and what brings things to a stop. I know how his body reacts when I lick here, suck there, rub my thumb on that one spot. I know when he is going to cum by the words he uses and the way his cock seems to grow even bigger.

What I didn’t know though, was how he would change in recent months. How he would go from having that little bit of distance always there to being closer than he’s ever been. And I don’t know if it is because the end is just around the corner or because he wants to show me that we won’t end just because certain other things are changing.

As open and honest as we are with each other, some things we just don’t talk about at all. Planning isn’t either of our strong suits. I think it’s because we are used to always having to plan things with work and family obligations. We like to let things with us be more fluid and natural.

I’m sorry I keep hinting at something big happening, changing between us. It is big, but it also isn’t something I’m ready to share with the world. In many ways I’m not ready for it to become reality and as long as I don’t tell you, and G and I don’t talk about it, I can continue living in denial. I can keep on believing in what we have with each other and hold on to it.

The thing is, why not enjoy our time with each other while we can? Things will change in the coming year, we just don’t know how they will change for sure. Maybe we will keep seeing each other. Maybe more often, maybe less. Maybe we will go back to being friends without the sexy benefits. I do believe though, that whatever the end result is, we will continue to love and support and be there for each other.

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4 thoughts on “Keep On Believing

  1. Sometimes we first have to process the change happening in our lives before we can share it with the world. I hope the changes are for the good, and you both are happy after the change, as you will still have the love and support for each other. Thank you for sharing this with us 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. Hi Stella – I do hope it all works out for you – change can be a difficult thing to accept, but after, the evolving bit, we see it as a positive thing – and it does appear you have a strong bond.
    I wish you luck
    May x

  3. I guess stuff happens for a reason, whatever that it. I can’t blame you for hanging on there, maybe, just maybe things will work out xx

  4. Change is always difficult, and often gradual. You’ve expressed that beautifully here. I hope that whatever change is in the works for you it is one that takes you in a direction that’s right and positive.

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