Are You A Good Girl?

“Are you a good girl?” His usual growl was a whisper, barely audible above her ragged breathing. His fingers were deep inside. Exploring. Pushing. Bringing her close to, but not beyond her tipping point. 

“Are you a good girl?” His voice was louder this time, though still barely above a thick whisper. He pulled his fingers out of her cunt, slick digits massaging softly before pinching then flicking her sensitive swollen clit. The juxtaposition between his soft whispering and torturous actions left her spinning.

“Yes Daddy, ooh… Yes. Yes, I’m a good girl. I’m a good gir…” She struggled to maintain focus, to get her words out. Fighting against the mounting orgasm she’d not been given permission to have. “Please. Please Daddy.”

“Please what babygirl?” He knew full well what she wanted but she needed to say it, to ask for it, and she needed to ask properly.

“Please. May I come Daddy? Please?”

“Not yet babygirl, not yet. Hold on now, you can do it. You can be a good girl.” He kissed her forehead, smoothing the hair back out of her eyes. He knew she was struggling but he wasn’t ready to let her release yet, or possibly at all. He had not yet decided. She hadn’t been much of a good girl recently and needed to learn to do as she was told, no matter how difficult it seemed at the time.

Pulling his hand away, he motioned for her to stand up. He then led her over to the couch, telling her to hike her skirt and bend over. He saw the instant look of terror on her face.

“Oh babygirl, you didn’t think you were going to be let off that easily did you? There are always consequences when one does not follow the rules. And did you follow the rules?”

Her eyes looked down at the floor, knowing she had been wrong and not wanting to see the disappointment in his eyes as he looked at her.

A sharp smack across her ass made her jump and look up. “Did you or did you not…”

“Yes, I did.”

“And was that, or was that not, against the rules?”

“Yes, it was against the rules. But in my defence…”

“No!” Another smack. 

“But Da…” He cut her off with another. 

“No buts babygirl. When you are given rules you must obey and follow them. If you are unable to follow them you must talk to me about why you believe you are unable and ask permission. Always. You can never just decide of your own accord.” Strike four.

“Do you understand?” Five.

“Yes Daddy, I.. I understand.” Tears welled, threatening to break free and run down her cheeks. “I will not disobey again. I will follow the rules.” 

“That’s a good girl.” One last smack followed by a gentle rub. “ I am very pleased to hear this babygirl. You know I do not like having to punish you. I prefer to pleasure you, to reward you. Your pleasure brings me pleasure. But know that I will not hesitate to serve you the consequence of a punishment when required. Understand?”

“Yes daddy, I understand.”

“Now, come here.” He moved to the leather armchair in the corner and unbuttoned his pants as he sat down. 

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7 thoughts on “Are You A Good Girl?

  1. mmm this is hot and sexy! It’s so good to have you writing again 🙂

    Rebel xox

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