SS – Bed Time

I am a big fan of routine. It is safe and comforting. I don’t have enough good routine in my life these days though. Work, home, eat, sleep, get up and repeat. That isn’t exactly fulfilling but don’t fear, there will be more fun and exciting things added to this hum drum routine this year. Between the eat and sleep I get ready for bed. My bed time routine. I brush my teeth, clean and moisturize my face, and take everything off. I didn’t capture the removal of clothes, or the joyous feeling of the unclasping of the bra, as I was tired and my brain couldn’t figure out a sexy way to capture those things without someone else holding the camera. I did want to show you that I take off all my jewelry then the very last thing, my glasses, before snuggling under the warm covers.






If you’d like to see some more sexy and sinful routines, click on the lips below


7 thoughts on “SS – Bed Time

  1. I am a fan of routine too but don’t think my going to bed routine is sexy at all. Love the last photo with your breast in view 😉

    Rebel xox

  2. I do like a bit of routine but breaking it up also is good, I guess with most things a balance is the key


  3. Lol. Glasses are always the last to go.

  4. I need a better bedtime routine myself.

  5. Bee

    I have the same routine as you, I hate it and would love a bit of something just to break it up.

  6. Let nothing – not even sexy photos- interfere with joyous bra removal process! Your last pic was very sharp given you’d taken your glasses off, lol!

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