Morning Shower

Come, he had said. Come before you remove the kegel balls. Come, and tell me.

Yes Sir. I will come in the shower this morning.

Stepping into the shower was a warm welcome after being greeted by the cold November morning. Not initially though, as it first ran cold and shocked awake what was left of that half sleep dreamy morning feeling that lingered after stepping out of bed onto the cold hardwood floor. The water quickly heated up though. Had I closed my eyes I could imagine I was still in my comfy bed, cocooned in the soft flannel sheets I had crawled out of just a few minutes earlier.

Once the water temperature had evened out the first thing to do was wash my hair. A bright citrus scent that was followed by applying a deep conditioner that smelled like warm vanilla cream which felt like it too. Hands full of conditioner ran through my hair distributing it from root to ends. I smoothed my hair and pulled in into a kind of bun before massaging my neck. Conditioner made a lovely massage cream before it was rinsed off.

As the conditioner was doing its thing I lathered up the shea butter body soap. Reminiscent of the conditioner, it had a slightly earthier and more sensual scent. Lathered hands ran over my arms, chest and upper body, cleaning as they went. The washcloth was only used to wipe water away from my face. The lather of the soap, again much like the conditioner, made for a lovely massage. I rubbed my soapy breasts, squeezing the soft mounds together as my palms grazed my hard nipples. More time was spent cleaning these parts this morning, rubbing and pinching my nipples. After all, I was to come before the shower was over.

More soap worked into a lather before my hand moved further down my body. I could hear his voice in my head, make sure you clean that dirty cunt babydoll. I blushed at the thought. Alone in the shower, yet not alone at all.

My hand glided smoothly along the curve of my groin, where my inner thigh meets my abdomen and leads to my cunt. Down I go, gently, almost hesitating, as if one touch just might make my body combust. My fingers tentatively moved between the folds, ignoring my clit. I pull back then move them forward again. My middle finger slid into the loop of the kegels and tugged at them just a bit. Not enough to pull them out but enough to feel the pressure.

I continued with my fingers sliding between the folds and tugging at the kegels loop, no longer ignoring my clit. As I neared orgasm I stopped tugging the kegel balls and instead pushed firmly so that they stayed in rather than being pushed out by my pulsating cunt. I rubbed and pinched, circled and flicked, until orgasm came. Not a gentle lamb but a roaring lion. As the orgasm came I pulled hard on the kegels. I pulled hard and felt each ball as they came out, leaving me gasping and twitching…





4 thoughts on “Morning Shower

  1. I think I hear my kegel balls AND my shower calling my name. ?

  2. Very hot and steamy, would be even more so if he was watching.

  3. “Not a gentle lamb but a roaring lion.”
    Beautiful description for an orgasm!

    And a sexy start to your day 🙂

    Rebel xox

  4. Mmmm, very sexy.

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