When The Music Goes Silent


Music has always played an important role for me and, as is my life, it can be quite eclectic. Don’t even try to pin me down. An afternoon drive from work might run the gambit of me belting out Heavy, getting emotional with a soulful Let It Be Me, or even unwinding to Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major (which happens to be my Sunday morning house cleaning music if you must know).

When I was in school I couldn’t study without music playing. Always 80’s pop tunes at that time. Turn the radio on to some top 10 or top 20 countdown and I’d be set. I couldn’t get enough Karma ChameleonWishing WellSweet Dreams or You Spin Me Round. (Hmm… I’ll take androgyny for $100, Alex.) I did a quick search of top 80’s pop songs and could still sing most every one in my head as I looked through the list it gave me.

The music of my teens will always be good music, says every person who has ever listened to music ever.

I’m still a big 80’s music fan but in the 90’s alternative rock took over my radio CD player. Pearl Jam’s Ten album made constant music on my playlist, and always will. As did Matchbox 20’s Yourself or Someone Like You, Great Big Sea’s Up, and Live’s Throwing CopperI don’t know if it was the lyrics or the brooding sound of it that sucked me in. Whatever it was, that is the music that spoke to me at the time and has continued with me almost constantly since.

I say almost constantly because there have been times that I couldn’t stand listening to it. When I was pregnant with my son I ditched alternative rock for the smooth and lyrical tunes of the 60’s and 70’s. I wasn’t even alive in the 60’s, and although I was born in the 70’s unless you come from a musical family not much sticks with you from your toddler to pre-pre-teen years aside from Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I guess it was the peace and love vibe I needed at the time. Even now when I sing to him, or with him, we tend to sing oldies. Our favorites are Happy Together and In My Life, along with a modified version of This Little Light of Mine.

Past lovers have introduced me to various artists and genres of music over the years. Some have stayed with me while others rode off into the sunset with the lover, never to be heard from again. A few artists that have stuck around are Pearl Jam (speaking of lovers and loverly things, Release, trust me), Queen (Do yourself a favour and go listen to One Year of Love. The lyrics start at 1:54 on this extended track.), Garth Brooks (occasionally), Bare Naked Ladies (Go Canada!) and Audioslave (well, hello there Chris Cornell).

Although I probably have a couple hundred, these days playing a CD is a rare occurrence. I usually just turn the radio on when in my car, though I do have the ability to play music from my phone or other MP3 player through my car’s stereo system as well. At home, in addition to my phone and MP3 players I also have a laptop that I can play music or stream radio on. We no longer have to buy an “album” when we can hop into YouTube or some other website and play any variety of artists and songs we want. No more sitting in front of your television or stereo waiting for the perfect moment to press record and create a mix tape from a top 20 countdown. I kind of miss those days.

Though music often reflects our mood it can affect it as well. It can be the life of the party when you are happy and joyful and full of life. It can help you out of a funk or send you deeper into one. A poor music choice can have a poor reaction on our mood. I’ve not been able to pinpoint when a specific song will help or hinder. Until I turn it on I don’t know for sure if it will help lift an off mood or if it will feed it and make it worse. One thing I can say for certain, when my music goes silent you know something is wrong and you may want to steer clear. I have gone weeks at a time, months even, with no music in the car. Yesterday was the first day I had the radio on in about two months. I also turned on some tunes in the office. That’s a good sign.



This post was inspired by a Wicked Wednesday prompt from several weeks ago, music. You can check out what other people had to say about music or what they wrote this week by clicking the colourful Wicked Wednesday button below.




3 thoughts on “When The Music Goes Silent

  1. I used to have the radio on all day at home but now that is rare as I found it was too distracting but I can’t drive the car without it and I love tormenting my kids with my terrible singing. Music is such a powerful thing, for me it is wrapped up in so many experiences, emotions and memories


  2. I love that you’ve still done the music prompt.
    I love music, but like you, nowadays I play the radio more than CD’s. That way I keep up with new music too, but the 80’s are the best (I’m a late 60’s girl).

    Rebel xox

  3. music has always been important and it moves us in different ways

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