AtoZ 2016: Overwhelmed

Obliging, obnoxious, obsessed, open, optimistic,
opinionated, opposed, original, outgoing,
organized, outspoken, OVERWHELMED, outraged, owned


I don’t often feel overwhelmed but there are days when simply getting out of bed seems too much. Before I had my son I would spend whole weekends in bed with the covers pulled up keeping the world out, drifting between the storm in my head and sweet, peaceful sleep. You can’t do that when you have a child. Sleeping in becomes 8:30 rather than noon. Leftover pizza for breakfast becomes scrambled eggs with bacon or homemade pancakes. Thinking it’d be fine to give up everything and live out of your car changes to giving up everything to ensure he has a roof over his head and food on his plate. Vacations change from exploring other countries to exploring the new Lego Land. You worry constantly. Am I doing this right? Am I being a good parent? Is he eating enough? Is he sleeping enough? Does he need a warmer jacket? Where’s the sunscreen? How do I figure out this new math so I can help him learn it? What if I completely fuck things up?

Feeling overwhelmed becomes a whole new beast that you can’t curl up and hide from.


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One thought on “AtoZ 2016: Overwhelmed

  1. I totally understand the feeling and as a mother of two adult kids and one that’s almost adult, I can tell you that what you’re doing is the best thing for him and you do it with love – that’s the most important. I have made mistakes when my kids were smaller, and as the oldest has said: you made mistakes but you made them in love, and then those mistakes are okay. I get the feeling of being overwhelmed, but you are doing it the best way you can.

    Rebel xox

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