AtoZ 2016: Idealistic & Immoral

IDEALISTIC, ignored, imaginative, immature,
IMMORAL, immature, immortal, impatient,
irresponsible, impatient, imposed-upon,
impressed, independent, indignant, indifferent,
individualistic, industrious, infantile, infuriated,
ingenious, inhibited, insecure, inspired,
intelligent, interested, intrigued, irritated,
intimate, intolerant, inventive, invigorated,
involved, irked, irate, irritable, irritated, isolated


If you’d like to read my thoughts on indifference, please go check out my “I” post from last year’s A to Z Challenge here.

This year I was feeling more industrious. I choose a theme. Oh right, I chose one last year too. One that I didn’t stick with, and I am still unsure whether this year’s theme with stick. I did choose gorgeous as my feeling word for the letter G after all, and I doubt many would agree with me on that one. I am still completely unprepared (she says while finally doing Monday’s post on Thursday), but that’s all part of my charm. I am almost always late, very rarely early. I’m early for interviews and, well, that’s about it really. Interviews, the first few days of a new job, and the last few days when leaving an old one.

Okay, so I may not be that industrious or timely, but I have been told that I am both idealistic and immoral. Not at the same time or by the same people mind you, but it still seems like an odd pairing. I have always said I am a study in juxtaposition. I believe in spirit and energy, things we can’t touch or see, while spending my days working with numbers and logic. Both are parts of my being. I won’t spend $40 for a new pair shoes but will easily drop more for a few pretty rocks. I am both frugal and a spendthrift. It’s like that whole pain and pleasure thing that I love so much. Most view them as opposites where I feel they belong together and work together quite well where my I am concerned.

Immorality, or ones morality, is not a clear cut definition. One person may think it is immoral to drink alcohol while another is fine with bottle of wine with dinner each night. Is the wine drinker immoral? The non-drinker idealistic? What if the non-drinker punishes his wife when she does not follow their established rules and the wine drinker goes to church every Sunday, would that change things? What about disciplining a child with a spanking? Is that different than disciplining a spouse? If a slap to the ass is okay why isn’t a slap to the face? What makes kissing one man okay but kissing many immoral?

We were all raised with different values and have had different experiences that shape our views of the world. There is no right or wrong, moral or immoral, with many things. It is your personal judgement. There is legal and illegal though, which is an entirely different matter. I mean, how can a state line or border between countries dictate that something is immoral?

So, can I be both idealistic and immoral? Maybe I am idealistic about my immorality. If I want to have sex with one person or a dozen, how does that impact all the other “moral” ways I live and the way the world sees me? It shouldn’t, but it can because that’s the world we live in.

He says I am idealistic like it’s a bad or naïve thing. He sees the world in black a white while I see a bounty of colours and shades. He sees the obstacles while I see the possibilities. But then, he says cum and I say thank you.


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2 thoughts on “AtoZ 2016: Idealistic & Immoral

  1. Don’t worry about when you are doing the post, just be happy it’s getting done. It’s all good.

    A to Z

  2. You raise some very interesting points in this one – about being idealistic and immoral, but also about how different people are raised with different values. Once again, I think, it boils down to respecting others and accepting that not everyone has the same views on things, and to respect that another person have the right to have his own view. I (try to) never judge people for their views, even if it concerns me.

    Rebel xox

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