See Sheer

This is my entry for the Sex Blog (of sorts) Lippie competition. My randomly assigned lippie (or lipstick as we call it around here) was See Sheer. My mind immediately went to diaphanous fabrics and bright summery hues. Then it shifted. You can find all the wonderful competition pieces here. Check them out and show some love.


“You don’t know me,” she seethed back at him.

“Au contraire, my little one. I know you perfectly well. I see sheer through that pretty little veil you wear. I see you. I know you, and I know this evening will be very good for you. Don’t fret about it. Just trust that I know what is best and obey.” He knew when to push her and how far, even when she pushed back against him. That’s when he knew she was learning, when she was moving forward.

“Yes, Sir.”

She knew he was right. Nobody had ever known her the way he did. Maybe this is what scared her most of all. He would never let her hide behind excuses. He would make her face her demons and her fears no matter how difficult. Tonight he would make her face a long held fear, completely irrational though it may be, and she could barely function right now knowing what was ahead. She was shaking she was so scared.

“Are you done testing me? Are you ready now, little one?”

She walked over and knelt at his feet. “Yes, Sir.” Her voice was unsteady, betraying her, but she placed her hands behind her back and bowed her head. Calm and silence began to take over her mind as she assumed her position and waited.

“I have something for you first.” Instead of the leash she was expecting to be attached to her collar he grabbed her by the hair, unzipped his pants, and moved her head towards his already hard cock. She opened up just in time to accept his thick cock into her mouth and nearly choked on it. He pulled out then in again, roughly fucking her mouth. He enjoyed the feeling of her hot, wet mouth around his cock but right now it was the sound of her gagging as he pushed, forcing himself all the way in that really turned him on. A few more strokes before he pulled her off. He heard her pained gasps for air and watched the spit dripping from her mouth.

“That’s it, catch your breath little one. We aren’t done here yet.”

He stood up and bent her over the dining table. Hand still firmly gripping her hair he entered her from behind. He pushed her down, her right cheek against the table, as he began fucking her in earnest. A moan escaped her lips. A meek little moan.

He pulled her head back and growled in her ear, “Who’s in charge, little one?”

“You are.”

“Who is?” He pulled harder, thrust deeper.

” You, Sir. Always you.”

“That’s right.” He unleashed his seed into her. “Will you test me again, little one?”

“No, Sir.”

“Good girl. Now go wipe those tears away and fix your lipstick.” He released his grip and let her up from the table as he put himself back together straightening his suit. “Don’t even think of wiping my cum off your cunt. I want you to be keenly aware of who you belong to this evening. Every time you feel my cum dripping from your cunt and down your thigh you will think of me and you will thank me. Thank you Sir for loving me, for pushing me. That’s what you will say. And every time you thank me the others will know whose cum overflows in you and who you belong to.”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir. Thank you for loving me, for pushing me. Thank you for knowing me better than I know myself.”

“Good girl.”

3 thoughts on “See Sheer

  1. Well written Stella, as always. Lovely and arousing… just read if before starting a new day at work 🙂

  2. Nicely written. However, bdsm seems to totally pass me by. I do like a rough or violent fuck occasionally, but can’t imagine deliberately wanting to hurt or be hurt by another person.

    Guess it is one of those aspects to personality which you either have or don’t have.

    Got aroused by your writing though, so it must have some attraction, but I just don’t know what it is.

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