Daddy Wants to Play

“I miss your taste.”

“I miss you and yours.”

“I want to taste your sweetness. I want to feel your orgasm.”

“Yes, please…”


He let himself in, as he always does, and was naked before he reached her bedroom door. His silk tie was left hanging on the door handle. His suit jacket draped over the newel post at the bottom of the stairs. The rest of his clothes lay in crumpled heaps on the floor in the hallway.

She was in bed waiting for him, the soft glow of candlelight casting soft shadows of her body on the bedroom walls. When he entered her room she moved the bed sheet aside and spread her legs as an invitation for him. He crawled onto the bed, pushed her knees up and leaned in. She let out a soft moan as the day’s stubble on his face brushed against her thigh. He breathed in her sweet musky scent before dipping his tongue in. She tasted as sweet as she smelled. He was pleased.

He teased her with his tongue, tracing a line from the opening of her cunt along the folds of her labia and up to her clitoris. He swirled his tongue around her clit but was careful not to touch directly on it. He wanted her to beg him for release. Each time he moved close he could feel her pushing against him trying to make that magical contact between tongue and clit. 

As he started at her cunt again he pushed his tongue in and savored the deliciousness of her cunt. Another languid line along her folds before tilting his head slightly so that his stubble brushed against her lips, and then her clit. She let out a little yelp and caught her breath. Her hips pushed more urgently now and she begged him to bring her release.

“Please. Oh please, Daddy. Please let me cum.”

“Not yet, my pet. Daddy wants to play.

“Get me your toy, pet. The metal one.”

“But Daddy, I won’t…”

“Get me the toy now.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

She moved over to the side of the bed and pulled a soft black pouch out of her side table. She opened it and removed the metal toy, handing it over to him before placing the empty pouch on the side table and moving back to the center of the bed.

He pushed the rounded end of the hard metal toy slowly inside her with the curve slightly askew. He knew how she reacted when he rubbed it against her g-spot but he wasn’t done playing with her yet. He pulled it back then twisted it as he pushed it in again. She squirmed and pushed against him. He removed the toy.

“Do not move. You will not get the release you crave if you continue to push against me.”

She whimpered now.

“Remember, pet. It is my orgasm to give you, not yours to take.”

“Yes, Daddy. I’m sorry. I won’t push against you again. I will not move.”

“Very good.”

This time he pushed a finger in alongside the toy. She was so wet, but he knew she would be wetter. He could feel her cunt pulsating against his finger. He knew she was on the brink.

“Don’t cum, pet. Remember.”

She moaned and cooed as he continued his assault with the toy. His thumb found her clit and rubbed circles around it. She moved her hips, fucking the toy.

“No, pet.”

“Oh Daddy, please. Please. Please…”

He turned the toy now so that the tip rubbed gently against her g-spot. Her moans continued. Gently he moved it, barely making contact with her spot. She liked to rub it quick and hard so that her orgasm came quickly but he knew gentle was all she needed. He was playing with her, showing her what it would be like if she could take her time and build it up.

“Are you ready, pet?”

“Yes Daddy. Oh yes, Please, Daddy. Please, please let me cum.”

A little pressure against her spot with the toy and a slick thumb against her clit…

“Now pet. Come for me now.”

And with his words her flood gates opened.




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3 thoughts on “Daddy Wants to Play

  1. I love when things are built up like this, when you feel your orgasm but are not allowed to have it. Lovely and sexy and hot!

    Rebel xox

  2. RAWR! who wouldn’t want to play like that with you? mmmmmm steamy

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