Merry Christmas?


The scene this morning was more reflective of an eerie Halloween than a merry Christmas. Instead of a beautiful snowfall there was a wet, foggy haze. Right now it is 10°C, or 50°F for my American friends. That doesn’t bring to mind sleigh rides, or snowmen, or Santa Claus.

It is now 11:00, my son is finally asleep, and I need to go wrap his presents to put under the tree. It may not feel like Christmas to me but he is beyond excited. He’s four, he hasn’t had forty years of white Christmas’s and traditions to get in the way of his excitement. In the morning I will be thankful for that. Right now, the next pic says it all. (And yes, it really is hanging on my tree!)



3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas?

  1. Merry Christmas!

  2. Sometimes it’s good to see things through the eyes of a child 🙂

    When I look outside here, it doesn’t feel like Christmas either. A white Christmas is always a gamble in this country, but normally the weather is cold and crispy outside. This year it’s 11 degrees Celsius and the sun is shining… so unlike Christmas. But still we will enjoy the day with family.

    Merry Christmas, Stella 🙂

    Rebel xox

  3. It would be worth having a tree just to hang that ornament!

    xx Dee

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