firemen - image from Google
firemen – image from Google

She arrived at her doctor’s office just as the fire alarm started sounding. Just great. Another delay after her previous appointment had been postponed two weeks when her doctor had decided to take a last minute vacation. She was livid! At first she stood outside with the other people from the building then decided her car would offer more comfort and warmth. She sat there, getting more pissed off by the second, until the fire truck arrived.

What was it about firemen that got women so hot and bothered she wondered. Yellow overalls, steel toe boots, and a bright red hat. It doesn’t sound like a well dressed combination, yet somehow it is one of the biggest turn ons for many women. Maybe it is the protector aspect of what they do. They are big and strong and courageous. They put out fires, rescue people and save lives. You really can’t help but swoon over someone like that, risking their lives in a matter of fact way to protect your life. Yes she thought, that was it.

Half a dozen or more firemen descended from the truck clad in their bunker gear and helmets. She wasn’t quite so livid all of a sudden. As she watched them ready themselves to enter the building she felt a flush and heat began to build within her. Her breathing became shallow and her nipples perked up. She brushed a hand across one nipple giving it a little tweak. Then she slid her hand inside her shirt, and cupping the soft flesh of her breast she pinched her nipple between her fingers. Again, again, she pinched it hard.

Her eyes still on the firemen and hand still at her breast, she moved her other hand down between her legs. She was protected by vehicles on each side of her but she didn’t care. Her finger reached her clit and it was like an electric shock went through her. Her breath caught. The heat between her legs brought a sweet wetness. She pushed a finger inside, moving her hips against the motion, her thumb rubbing her clit. She opened her legs and inched her bum towards the edge of the seat, her skirt now up around her waist.

She pushed her finger in again, then a second. She wanted to be filled, to feel the pressure of a large cock inside her. What she really wanted was for one of those firemen to come offer her some help, to lean her back on the hood of the car and fuck her right there with his gear on, his pants turned out and his cock deep inside her. The thought was propelling her as she fucked herself with her own fingers, her hips moving up to meet them.

Her other hand was still inside her shirt. She pinched her nipple again, not too hard but enough to cause her cunt to pulse and react. She could feel her juices covering her hand. She could smell herself, her hot horny cunt, and it completely turned her on. She was ready. As she drove her fingers inside her cunt she gave her nipple a hard pinch and twist. Her back arched then her hips pushed forward and she showered the floor of her car with a wetness all her own.

She leaned back in the seat with her eyes closed, her hands came out of their intimate places to rest on either side of her, and her shallow breathing soon became deeper and more regular. After a few minutes she opened her eyes and adjusted herself. Thankful she had worn a long skirt today she grabbed her purse and got out of the car. She was a little wobbly on her feet at first and couldn’t quite focus. Looking around she noticed that the people had all gone back into the building and the alarm was no longer going off. She smoothed her skirt and her hair and walked into the building.

Opening the front door she saw that several firemen were still in the lobby. As she walked past she couldn’t help but giggle.

7 thoughts on “Firemen

  1. I don’t think I’ll be annoyed if I see firetrucks in my way anymore. 😉

  2. Holy moly. That was hottt! If the firefighters looked like that, I’d be onboard myself.

  3. “What was it about firemen that got women so hot and bothered she wondered.”???
    I think it is because they often run about holding a big, long, hose!!!
    Xxx – K

    • Ooh, that might be it. 😉

  4. I have nothing for you on the ‘why are firemen’ hot question apart from… they just are 😉


  5. mmm firemen! Oh yes, definitely hot, and interesting and getting me all wet by just looking at them 😉

    Great masturbation story!

    Rebel xox

  6. Rayne Millaray

    Oh. I don’t usually get off on masturbation erotica, but this…was really hot.

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