My Arse… Again

I thought I’d share some more of my arse today. I know, you may want to just look away now.

Several months ago I went to a party where I was the lucky recipient of a good flogging. I posted about it here previously. I enjoyed the experience and would do it again (many, many times over), but one thing left me disappointed. The pictures were all ones I had taken myself. It would have been nice to have some that were not quite so up close, some with more perspective. I had asked Daddy to take some pictures but they came out horribly, at least to me. I can be quite negative and extremely picky about the pictures I actually like of myself, though that doesn’t always stop me from posting them.

This is one of the pictures Daddy took of me. I don’t like the arch of my back, or the cellulite, but what I didn’t like most of all was the lighting and utilitarian nature of it. I asked him to take some pictures of my arse and that’s exactly what he did. I didn’t ask him to take pretty pictures of my arse. I didn’t ask him to take pictures to show the beautiful blush from the flogger or the marks from the vampire glove.



After seeing the pictures that had been taken I was able to get a more artsy one that I quite liked. It still showed some of the blush and the bruising that had started, but it also showed off a nice round, pretty bum. The same concept as above, a picture of my arse, but just with a different eye.



15 thoughts on “My Arse… Again

  1. Oh I know this feeling. Even when taking my own images I often end up getting it very wrong. Angles are indeed very important and as a general rule my advice is always angle downwards… it tends to be much more flattering but it is certainly not a hard and fast rule. I think one of the things about taking these types of images though is that we are confronted with truths about our bodies which sometimes make us wince and sigh and other times make us rejoice. Over time I have learned to rejoice more often than not.


  2. b

    I like that

  3. Both your pictures are beautiful!

    Still, I totally get how critical we are of our own photos. I too always see my flaws first and sometimes totally miss the beauty of a photo. But, I have learned over time to at least see the beauty. There was a time when I only criticized my photos. I don’t do that anymore 🙂

    Rebel xox

  4. I always find the faults in my images and I often take a lot of convincing before I see the beauty, but I am getting slightly better at it.

  5. Ohh girls we are always too self critical of ourselves aren’t we and miss the real feeling that others may get from the same picture.
    Xxx – K

  6. We are so self-critical aren’t we. I think we all do it and sometimes we don’t see the beauty of the image in front of us until we are able to see it through others eyes, this is were memes like this are invaluable, they encourage us to see what we cannot of ourselves.

    The top image for me is gorgeous, it shows you and all your beautiful curves, the lighting, to me, gives it an outerworldly feel. The lower image tells me that you enjoyed and are proud of the flogging you got and the marks that it left you with.

    ~Mia~ xx

  7. Your marks are beautiful. Your body is beautiful. 🙂

  8. Both images are lovely! The first feels very intimate, and I like how you can see the pink blush in the second!

  9. Both pictures are beautiful… XO

  10. Hats off to you…I hate taking pictures at all….I am a huge critic and cannot believe anyone would see my pictures as sexy…
    I look at others pictures and I can see past the “flaws” that I cannot with my own. This makes it difficult for me to send picture proof of completed tasks. I am most critical when my stomach shows and I really hate showing my snap dragon because it is not how I think it should look. Keep sharing, it is helpful and encouraging to some of us.

  11. Really like the write up and personalization of the two photos. It’s so true about critical, especially of our own bodies. Well done, both of them, honestly.

  12. pottersproperty

    I agree with the others, we are always far more critical of ourselves than we should be. I see someone who has a strong enough relationship to be in such a vulnerable position, someone’s who’s having a good time, and someone who’s far harder on themselves than necessary. No, this isn’t the most artistic photo, but it still tells a story, and it’s beautiful!

  13. The image that I published last week, before I hit publish… I felt so much anxiety over the cellulite and my chub which is all exposed in that image. Sometimes we are our own worst critics. Both your images are gorgeous. You have a fabulous bum.

  14. We are definitely our own worst critics!! Both of these are lovely though 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  15. I think it’s great you posted again! Never too much bottom on my screen! We’re all deliciously different, you’re no exception! Lots of fun had here I can tell 🙂

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