Puppy Training

“Whether your dog fancies herself dominant or submissive, her role in the pack may have something to do with it. So-called active submission or appeasement includes behaviors like jumping, attention-seeking, nuzzling and performing a play bow. If these behaviors accompany the bone drop, your dog is reminding you that she knows you’re the alpha.”
~ Training, The Daily Puppy





18 thoughts on “Puppy Training

  1. Gag is a hard hard limit for me but I do love being a pet. Did you make sure to play bow in your session?

  2. Absolutely love your eyes in these photos!

    Rebel xox

  3. I agree with Marie… these images do seem to be all about the powerful look in your eyes


  4. Oh the eyes definitely have it here!! Brilliant images!

    ~Mia~ xx

  5. The eyes say everything in these images, amazing!

  6. That mouth bit is too cute, I love the expression on your face!

  7. Your eyes are fantastic 😉

  8. As those who commented prior to me have said the eyes are fantastic but the change in mouth position and the lips for me at least really ties it in with the text.

  9. I love the wild look in your eyes!

  10. pottersproperty

    Your eyes look fierce. I’d be afraid to remove the gag!

  11. That looks like a wildly playful puppy 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  12. very expressive eyes!

  13. Fierce!

  14. awww such a cute puppy. dont make me swat you on the nose with a rolled up paper now…lol

  15. Fantastic photos! I have the same bit gag (by Spartacus, yes?) which I love! (A blog post showing it is here.)

    xx Dee

  16. We love your expressions in each of these shots! Your eyes especially.

  17. In all 3 pics, your eyes are so full of expression. Lovely.

  18. Your eyes have such fire in them in these pictures.

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